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NEC Uses Linux On New LookClub Tablet PC

NEC Personal Products Corporation announced the “Contents Browser LookClub series,” an information terminal with LCD screen and CD-ROM drive, o­n the 30th. The price is 68,250 yen (with tax).

Rather than urgently selling the product at a number of storefronts, NEC is focusing o­n direct sales to different groups. Also, it will not be available for purchase o­n NEC’s direct sale website, “NEC Direct.” The company plans o­n producing 4,000 units in the initial year, and will begin shipment in the latter part of June.

The LookClub series was designed with an emphasis o­n “seeing,” “reading,” and “hearing.” According to the NEC Personal Products DMS Division’s Group Manager, Yoshihiro Yamamura, it considered “to belong to neither PC nor PDA genres; this product is a new genre. It cannot edit and treat files like a PC, but it is suitable for reading images and other files. This is a bit like how the ‘play-only’ Walkman was introduced into a radio-cassette market requiring recording functions of all its products.”

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