Confused about Wi-Fi routers? Here's how to buy the right one for your home

Your home's wireless router can make the difference between an Internet connection that works like magic and one that does little but display a "buffering" screen. Here's what you must know to make the right choice.

Sony unlocks seventh PS4 core

According to data buried in a recent update for the FMOD audio tool released earlier this month, Sony has quietly released an SDK that will maintain Playstation 4's supremacy over Microsoft's Xbox One in graphics capabilities.
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You can draw pictures with your words thanks to WordsEye 1:01

If the best writing is the kind that engenders mental images, this new app may just turn you into the next Langston Hughes. WordsEye is a new app that allows you to "type a picture."

New MacBook Air range tipped for WWDC 2016

New reports are hinting that Apple might unveil its new range of MacBook Air laptops at next year's Worldwide Developers Conference, with a view to launching the device later in 2016.

Need a more powerful home PC? AVADirect lets you build your own

AVADirect is looking to expand beyond its original gaming focus to offer custom PC builds to mainstream users looking for a bit more power to their home or work desktop, with all of the usual configurable options.

New Raspberry Pi Zero micro computer is smaller, faster, and costs $5 2:44

The new Raspberry Pi Zero has launched for the holidays and instantly sold out. Costing just $5, it is more powerful and less expensive than the older Raspberry Pi. It is a full-blown programmable computer that can run Linux.

The Darknet Shopper bot is back on the Deep Web; let’s see what it buys next

The bot designed to shop on the Deep Web is out of police company and shopping again. Its first purchase since being taken into custody for buying ecstasy is pretty tame, but the conversation about internet purchasing rages and people are…

Sony looks at Microsoft and develops app to let you stream PS4 games on PC and Mac

Looks like consumers won't have to stream PS4 games on their PCs using third-party apps, as Sony reveals in-house app is in development.

Glorious 128GB DDR4 RAM hits the business market

Samsung blasts the door open with 128GB DDR4 RAM for enterprises. Consumer hardware on the way, though it might take a few years before you see this type of memory speed in one of your everyday devices,

Asus launches blinged-out GTX 980 Ti

In time of its 20th anniversary, Asus takes the opportunity to announce the shiny Asus 20th Anniversary Gold Edition GTX 980 Ti. Asus claims that this is the fastest GTX 980 Ti on the planet,

How to take a screenshot on a Mac

Here's a quick explanation of how to take a screenshot on a Mac using both keyboard shortcuts and the bundled Preview application. Once you know how, you'll be able to snap shots of all sizes within seconds.

The NSA will no longer collect your metadata starting tonight

Ending an infamous era of Big Brother-esque surveillance, the National Security Agency's bulk phone surveillance program will officially be discontinued by Sunday, November 29.