Think your processor is quick? It has nothing on this 7GHz, overclocked Intel Skylake

How fast is your computer's CPU? One Hong Kong overclocker managed to push his new Skylake CPU beyond 7GHz, a record for Intel's latest processor generation.

A bunch of Mac apps are reportedly easy to hack, and the solution is taxing

As security researcher and programmer Radek points out, a plethora of Mac OS X Yosemite and El Capitan applications are vulnerable to cyberattacks until developers convert their update servers to utilize the more secure HTTPS channels.

Kaspersky fingers ‘Poseidon’ for attacks dating back to 2001

Kaspersky's Global Research and Analysis Team has shared details of a long-running campaign of cyber crimes that used spear-phishing to blackmail companies across a broad range of industries.

In a desperate grasp for popularity, Samsung’s Tizen OS has been ported to Raspberry Pi

Linux-based collaboration projects Yocto and OpenEmbedded may have just made Samsung's dream of full-on Tizen 3.0 OS on Raspberry Pi a reality, but will it inflict widespread adoption?
Virtual Reality

HTC Vive Pre gets SteamVR 'Direct Mode' update before previous-gen model

The latest HTC Vive Pre update includes Direct Mode, which lets your PC's GPU talk directly to your headset's displays. Valve has also nailed down a long list of minor bugs.

How to follow every Dem. and Rep. presidential primary and caucus online

It's election season, and the primaries are just getting started. Here's how to keep track of the primaries, check out which candidates are winning the race to the nomination. We've got people to follow on Twitter, news apps, and…

Google releasing new email security features that remind you not to send unencrypted personal info

In case you're hesitant about sending sensitive, potentially dangerous information over the Web, Google has your back with a new set of email security indicators designed to prevent malware.
Product Review

Intel Compute Stick (Cherry Trail 2016) Review

Slow? Sure. But it's still a $160 Windows 10 PC that fits in your pocket.

Afraid your ancient PC can't handle the Rift? Oculus Ready PC pre-orders start next week

As part of a broad campaign to put Oculus Ready hardware into the homes of its potential customers, a trio of manufacturers will open pre-orders on VR-friendly PCs and bundles next week.

Intel says tomorrow’s processor technology ‘will be fundamentally different’

Intel is making a fundamental change to the way it develops its processors, a change that's going to require some serious rethinking, as well as some help from quantum mechanics.

US intelligence director says spies could use smart devices to monitor you

Today U.S director of national intelligence, James Clapper, told the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence how IoT and smart home devices could be used to gain information about their owners.

AOC drops the bottom out of 4K market with new $400 display

If you were thinking of jumping onto the 4K monitor bandwagon, but can't afford it, listen up! AOC is set to launch a new 28-inch panel with 4K and FreeSync support, for just $400.