AMD’s Radeon cards can now chill out with the launch of Crimson ReLive Edition

AMD's annual driver suite refresh has arrived as Crimson ReLive Edtion, packing lots of goodies such as an in-game overlay, a revamped settings menu, expanded hardware support for Radeon WattMan, and more.

AMD just released an awesome new benchmark for DirectX 12 games – here’s how to use it

DirectX 12 has challenged gamers who want to benchmark, because it breaks compatibility with many tools used to capture performance in any game. OCAT, new from AMD, is the first good all-purpose DX12 benchmark.

Locky and Cerber have become the dominant ransomware families

Malwarebytes has published new research which shows the rate of ransomware infections increasing and not slowing down any time soon. The report also points to alleged Russian involvement.

Bluetooth 5 is here, offering a huge jump in speed and range for devices

Bluetooth 5 is ready for release, and is all set to change the way we interact with all those devices connected with our smartphones, thanks to more speed, greater range, and more data capacity.

Microsoft’s latest Insider update lets you shut down your PC by voice command

Whether you're in the fast ring, or hanging back in the slow ring, there are lots of new features in Microsoft's latest beta update to Windows 10. Highlights include more Cortana voice commands, and less intrusive updates.

Nvidia may show a revised Shield Android TV set-top box at CES 2017

There is a rumor Nvidia could reveal a new Shield Android TV set-top box during CES 2017. The changes will reportedly be minimal at best, so don't expect a major upgrade. Sources claim the controller will drop Wi-Fi Direct.
Virtual Reality

Pokémon invade reality in a demo for Microsoft’s HoloLens AR headset

The developers of the PokéLens demo for Microsoft's HoloLens AR headset provides the source files on GitHub for all to use. The demo currently enables HoloLens wearers to initiate a battle and summon their favorite Pokémon.

Facial recognition rejects New Zealand man’s passport pic — was race a factor?

A 22-year-old student in Australia wanted to return home to New Zealand for the holidays and tried to update his passport, but was rejected by facial recognition software used by the online renewal system. It said his eyes were closed.

‘Halo 5: Forge’ on Windows 10 to include Arena Mode, Monitor’s Bounty

343 Industries provided two previews regarding Thursday's Monitor's Bounty content update for Halo 5: Guardians and Halo 5: Forge. The update will bring the full multiplayer experience to PC gamers, along with Arena Mode.

Goodbye wait times! Apple support site now shows authorized third-party shops

Apple updated its online support site to now show third-party repair shops -- something that should help customers get repairs without having to wait weeks on end to book an appointment at the Apple Store.

MacOS 10.12.2 might fix those pesky 2016 MacBook Pro graphics issues

The rampant graphical issues being suffered by 2016 MacBook Pro owners could be resolved with the release of MacOS 10.12.2. The update is in beta version 6 and will likely be released by the holidays.

HP’s new 27-inch 4K desktop monitor packs USB Type-C port to charge devices

HP introduced the HP Envy 27 desktop monitor in October, and has now made it available to purchase. The panel sports a 4K resolution and a USB Type-C port for charging PCs and mobile devices. The display includes AMD's FreeSync technology.