Virtual Reality

Sorry, Oculus Rift pre-orderers: It's going on sale at Best Buy starting May 7

The Oculus Rift is arguable the most important virtual reality release to date, and you can get it for yourself from Best Buy starting on May 7 -- if you're one of the lucky few able to get in early enough, that is.

You thought your Wi-Fi was bad? Threatening hot spot delays flight for two hours

A Quantas flight from Melbourne to Perth was delayed for two hours when a passenger discovered a Wi-Fi hotspot called "Mobile Detonation Device." It was never located, but the plane was eventually cleared, and landed safely in Perth.

It took years, but Chrome is officially the king of web browsers

Internet Explorer has finally fallen from its perch, if you believe the headlines, but only because NetMarketShare was a steadfast holdout. Everyone else agreed that Chrome has been the most popular browser for some time now.

Prove you're human by identifying gibberish words, because computers suck at that

Humans are pretty good at knowing when a word is gibberish; computers are not. Audio CAPTCHA research takes advantage of this, and could help the blind prove that they're human much faster than before.

The Pirate Bay pulls in a whopping $9 a day in bitcoin donations

Bitcoin donations never quite caught on as much as the copyright lobbyists thought they would, with even giant sites like The Pirate Bay and KickassTorrents pulling just a few dollars a day between them.

Fallout 4 gets Oculus Rift support thanks to open-source project

An open-source project called Vireio Perception injects VR support into games designed without the hardware in mind, meaning players can enter Fallout 4 by using their Oculus Rift.

Hack into a car in Michigan, spend the rest of your life in prison

New car hacking bills submitted to the Michigan legislature make it a crime to hack into onboard car systems. If convicted, the sentencing guidelines call for a life sentence in prison.

Windows 10 adoption slows to a crawl

Microsoft had high hopes for Windows 10 ahead of its release, but new data suggests that the OS is struggling to maintain the rate at which new users make the switch from previous versions.

Are Sofia and Broxton just the first casualties in an Intel Atom cull?

In the wake of an announcement by Intel that Sofia and Broxton chips are being cancelled, reports are circulating that the company plans to kill off its Atom line of low-cost processors.

Bitcoin creator finally shows his face

Craig Wright has reportedly released evidence proving that he is "Satoshi Nakamoto," the inventor of the cryptocurrency Bitcoin. The Australian was identified as its possible creator last year, though this is the first time he's admitted…

Homebrew PC troubleshooting 101: Here's where to start if your PC won't

Computer won't start? It's a frustrating problem, and one that isn't always easy to diagnose. Our friendly guide will walk you through a number of common solutions, and you might learn a thing or two in the process.

ISIS hacking group releases a hit list of seemingly random New Yorkers

An ISIS-affiliated hacking group has released a hit list of targets, including over 3,000 in New York, who the terror organization is urging its members to "kill ... wherever they are."