The new and Improved Yahoo Messenger desktop app is finally here

Still using Yahoo Messenger for your messaging needs? You may be part of a dying breed, but Yahoo's still got your back. Meet the redesigned Yahoo Messenger desktop app, complete with a number of new features.

New algorithm optimizes photo portfolios for the viewer’s screen and even CPU

Creating a photography portfolio online means deciding between quick uploads and high quality, but a new plugin for Wix optimizes photographs with a unique algorithm that detects the viewer's device, screen size, and even memory…

Legendary and Square Enix to create live-action series based on the 'Life is Strange' game

Legendary Digital Studios is now working on a live-action series based on the Life is Strange graphic adventure game. The studio is still seeking out a director and writers, and there's no release date just yet. dj2 Entertainment…

Is Apple tossing USB Type-C technology into a possible new MacBook Air?

The latest rumor from the upstream supply chain claims Apple will provide USB Type-C technology in a new MacBook Air model. However, there's a good chance Apple won't release a new MacBook Air, offering thin, light MacBook and MacBook Pro…

The votes are in! Here are the seven finalists in the Windows Insider T-shirt contest

Microsoft is now serving up seven finalists to vote on stemming from its Windows Insider T-shirt Design Contest. The winning T-shirt design will be sold globally, likely for $20 each based on the contest rules, via Microsoft's online store.

LastPass, used by millions, may be vulnerable to shockingly simple exploits

Google Project Zero team member Tavis Ormandy found an 'obvious' LastPass vulnerability, and sent a report to the company. A fix is on the way, but hasn't been patched in yet.

Microsoft’s new camera app for iOS uses AI to make your photos better

Microsoft's Pix app leverages machine learning to improve the quality of your photos and videos by, for instance, taking a 10-image burst shot and selecting the best of the series. It's available for iOS.

Apple's latest patent could make the humble stylus a jack of all trades

If you like the idea of needing just one peripheral to do most jobs for you, Apple's new stylus design could well be what you're after. Although far from a finished product, the stylus could also be used as a mouse or even a joystick.

The 6 best women’s gadget bags for form, function, and fashion

People should be able to judge your (Mac)book by its cover. Check out our picks for the best gadget bags for women, so you can finally pick up a purse that combines form, function, and undisputed style.

Close to the Metal Episode 5: Windows 10’s free upgrade is almost gone – should you upgrade?

Windows 10's free upgrade is about to go extinct, and many users are stressing over whether switching to the new OS is worthwhile. Don't worry. We have the answer.

Dota 2 players help build record-breaking $18M prize pool for The International 2016

Next month, Dota 2 players from around the world will meet in Seattle for The International 2016. It's now been confirmed that the tournament can boast the largest ever prize pool for an eSports event.
Virtual Reality

Listen up! Google just made it possible to get accurate 360-degree sound online

Google's Omnitone will bring highly positional, binaural audio over the web. It can take in everything from your real-world position, to the tilt of your head, and affect the sound to make it perfectly catered for the VR user wherever they…