Trends with Benefits: New Apple MacBooks and Microsoft unveils the Surface Studio

Huge announcements from both Apple and Microsoft steal the show this week. The Surface Studio PC is simply stunning and the new MacBook Pro with Touchbar shows Apple is totally practical. But how do they stack up against the…

Check out Apple’s touchy new OLED bar mounted in the new MacBook Pro laptops

During Apple's press conference, the company introduced new MacBook Pro models sporting the long-rumored OLED strip above the keyboard. Here is what it does for MacOS functions, first-party applications, and supporting third-party software.

Apple’s new MacBook Pro has an OLED touch bar that changes with your apps

On the 25th anniversary of the first Apple laptop, CEO Tim Cook took the stage Thursday at company headquarters in Cupertino, California, to unveil the latest MacBook Pro, which features some new hardware.

FCC imposes regulations on how internet service providers can share your data

The FCC has approved new regulations that require internet-service providers to offer "opt-in consent" to share user data to third-party agencies. This includes web browsing history, app usage, and financial information.

New MacBook Pros are available in the Apple Store, with a big price increase

Apple’s big October event just wrapped and those new MacBook Pro models are already available for purchase in the Apple Store. They are loaded with new hardware, features, and new price tags.

Apple debuts new MacBook Pro, TV app, and more at today’s special event

Apple has announced its long-awaited new MacBook Pro, complete with its rumored Touch Pad, at a special event that also showcased new functionality and a handy new app for use with Apple TV.

Cinema Display fans will have to wait as Apple shows off LG 5K screen instead

There were a lot of expectations heading into today's Apple Keynote, but users hoping for new Cinema Displays will have to settle for LG 5K screens featuring Thunderbolt 3 for now.

Transcend uses 3D Flash storage technology in its SSD230 solid-state drive

Transcend launched a new solid-state drive that uses vertically stacked 3D NAND Flash technology. This enables faster performance than traditional 2D Flash technology and overcomes the older tech's physical limits by adding capacity upward.
Virtual Reality

SteamVR beta update adds feature to reduce lag, ensure smoother performance

Valve's latest SteamVR beta introduces a new "asynchronous reprojection" feature that aims to reduce lag and visual stuttering within supported virtual reality games and applications, ensuring a smoother VR experience.
Social Media

Twitter cuts the cord on Vine video platform, discontinues support of app

With nine percent of its workforce set to be laid off, Twitter announced its Vine platform will be discontinued. Existing videos will remain online, but the app will no longer function as it once did.

Watch Apple’s latest product announcements live, right now

It’s been a long time coming for some members of the Mac family, namely the MacBook Pro and Mac Pro. But what can we expect to see unveiled at Apple's event next week, and how do we tune in to see what's on the Apple-emblazoned horizon?

HP plans to make good use of the 3D tech in the Windows 10 Creators Update

HP has expressed its explicit intent to make good use of the new 3D technologies coming in the Windows 10 Creators Update, with an upcoming VR headset, 3D printing solutions, and more.