Microsoft Germany issues security warning to people still using Windows 7

The head of Windows in Germany is warning people and organizations against their continued use of Windows 7 as it may be insecure. The company is urging everyone to upgrade before support for the operating system ends in three years.

Microsoft is enlisting tech-savvy teens to help create a culture of ‘digital civility’

Microsoft has formed a new organization called the "Council for Digital Good" to ask teenagers to act as ambassadors in helping other teenagers stay safe online, and help create a culture of "digital civility."

Sapphire’s RX 460 has 1,024 steam processors, but it’s only available in China

AMD restricted the number of stream processors in its RX 460 graphics card, but Sapphire has gone ahead and launched a card without those roadblocks. It's only in China, but an RX 460 with 1,024 SPs is now available.

Nvidia’s upgraded Shield TV with 4K HDR streaming support is available now

Nvidia's updated Shield TV device is not only a 4K, HDR media streamer but also a robust gaming machine, and it's available now for $200, which includes a game controller and remote.

Apple's 2017 MacBook Pro refresh could make power users happy

Apple is not likely to put legacy expansion ports back into the machines, but battery life and more powerful components could be coming. And Apple may be planning to give professional Mac users the larger RAM they've been craving.

From appliances to robots, Alexa-supported devices were nearly everywhere at CES 1:47

More speakers, home automation products, and robots with support for Amazon's Alexa voice platform were announced at the 2017 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas earlier this month. We took a look at a few.

Artificial intelligence can now predict heart failure, and that may save lives

Combining 3D models with eight years of patient health records, an AI system could learn which abnormalities signaled a patient's death, making predictions about five years into the future.

Go play outside! ‘Steep’ makes you want to put down the controller and shred

Ubisoft’s open-world extreme winter sports game’s love for the mountains of its setting is contagious in a way few games are.

Microsoft buys Maluuba’s AI technology to improve its reading comprehension

Microsoft purchased AI startup Maluuba to help its systems become as good at reading and comprehending written text as they are at listening to and understanding speech and recognizing images.

Microsoft's Nadella talks about how artificial intelligence can be used for good

Microsoft CEO Nadella added his voice to the efforts underway to both ensure that AI is developed with society's concerns in mind and to help assuage those concerns as more and more people are exposed to AI in their daily lives.

Windows 10 Anniversary Update protected users against pre-patched exploits

Microsoft said on Friday that Windows 10 Anniversary Update protected against two exploits before the vulnerabilities could be patched. Both attacks took place in late 2016 and have been fixed, but Anniversary Update minimized the threat.

Samsung Smartcams have a critical remote execution security vulnerability

The humble webcam can by its very nature open you up to privacy concerns and can be used to host botnets for distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks. Recently, Samsung's Smartcam has been identified as having a serious vulnerability.