Samsung Book user manual and new launch video offer interesting details

Samsung's Galaxy Book will need to address issues with the previous model, and Samsung has faced keyboard deficiencies head-on with a new design. There is some weirdness on hand, however, according to the machine's user manual.

Adata introduces the XPS SD700X, a fast and rugged external SSD for gamers

SSDs are more expensive than HDDs, and so they're not the most economical solution for high-volume storage. That usually rules out SSDs as external drives, but ADATA wants to change that with its new XPG SD700X 1TB external drive.
Product Review

Dell Latitude E5470 Review

Dell Latitude E5470 review.

Stormtrooper tower: Asus unveils a gaming desktop under the Strix brand

The Republic of Gamers arm of Asus introduced the Strix GD30 gaming desktop packing GeForce graphics and seventh-generation Intel Core CPUs. The desktop arrives in multiple configurations with up to 32GB of system memory and more.

Asus Transformer Pro T304 is a Surface Pro 4 look-alike that can be ordered today

From a distance, the Asus Transformer Pro T304 is nearly indistinguishable from Microsoft's Surface Pro 4, and the machine is now available for ordering from a few venues at some fairly premium prices.

Dell’s XPS 15 vs. Apple’s MacBook Pro 15: Which premium laptop is the best on the market?

The Dell XPS 15 and the Apple Macbook Pro 15 are impeccable, so to find out which premium laptop is the best on the market today, we're going to have to dig deep and get very, very picky.

New report verifies some iCloud credentials stolen by hacking group targeting Apple

Hackers are attempting to extort Apple by threatening to wipe iCloud accounts and connected devices unless Apple pays a ransom. It's unclear exactly how many accounts were accessed.

Apple responds to Wikileaks’ ‘Dark Matter’ release revealing CIA efforts to infect Macs

Wikileaks released another bundle of documents dubbed "Dark Matter." This time, the organization turned an eye to Apple's Mac, with a number of exploits that are both insidious and persistent.

Windows 10 upgrade tool confirms final build number for Creators Update

A tool designed to help Windows 10 users upgrade to the Creators Update has been uncovered, seemingly offering confirmation that build 15063 is the version that will be distributed to users next month.

Farewell, old friend: Blizzard retires name after 21 years

Blizzard held true to its promise to rename its service, finally ditching the 21-year-old moniker. In an effort to unify its naming conventions, it renamed the service to simply Blizzard.

Save some cash with a refurbished 15-inch MacBook Pro with Touch Bar

If the $2,399 starting price of the 15-inch MacBook Pro is a little salty, then you may have another option that could make things a more affordable. Apple has added the 15-inch model to its line of refurbished MacBook Pros.

Take $200 off the Acer Aspire U5 all-in-one desktop computer until March 29

If you want a desktop PC without the bulk and weight, check out the slim Acer Aspire U5. This all-in-one PC features an Intel Core i5-4200M CPU, Nvidia GeForce GTX 850M graphics card, and 1TB hard drive.