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IBM takes one small step for quantum mechanics, one giant leap for computing

IBM announced it has gotten one step closer to creating a complete, fully-functional quantum computer thanks to a new chip design that has been developed in-house.


Tired of automatic renewals? Here’s how to end your Amazon Prime subscription

It's easy to cancel your Amazon Prime membership, and possibly get a partial or full refund on the cost, depending on how much you've used it. Check out our quick-hit guide for doing so.

Movies & TV

Asking questions about smartphone use for logins may stop Netflix password sharing

Who was the first person to text you this morning? What song did you listen to during dinner last night? These types of questions about your recent smartphone activity could improve the security of login processes.


Nasty Boeing Dreamliner bug could shut down your plane in midair

Troubleshooting your code isn't easy whether you're working on a mobile game or trying to keep your aircraft running properly, and Boeing is warning of a newly discovered bug in its 787 fleet.


Charity auction gives you the chance to own Steve Jobs’ business cards

A school in California is auctioning off business cards once handled by the man who made Apple — but if you want to be able to place them inside your own wallet you'll need to dig deep.


Windows 7 takes top spot in OS battle, easily defeating Windows 8.1

For over a year now, Windows 7 has enjoyed the top spot among all competing operating systems. No other OS has come close to contesting its nearly 60 percent share of the market.


Windows 10: Our complete guide to Microsoft’s next OS

Microsoft plans to recover from Windows 8 with a new OS supporting mouse, touch, and voice input, expanding and refine the Metro interface, and adding a replacement for the Start menu. Here's what we've heard about Windows 10 so far.


Google needs to go back to the drawing board, as Password Alert is hacked in 24 hours

Not even a day after Password Alert's release, security researcher Paul Moore has busted straight through Google's attempt to protect our passwords from phishing attempts that use Gmail logins to hook unsuspecting users.


Pocket your favorite videos with our guide to downloading YouTube videos

The Web can be a scary place when it comes to finding methods for downloading YouTube videos. Check out our how-to guide to help make downloading YouTube videos a snap so you can watch them whenever and wherever, free of an Internet connection.


Cornell University is laughing in the face of Moore’s Law

Cornell has announced that a team of researchers have successfully manufactured a die of chips with transistors that measure just three atoms across, shattering Inte'ls previous record of 5nm on silicon.


3D printing company is the newest addition to Microsoft's HoloLens project

Microsoft's HoloLens is said to have many applications and uses because it is bringing virtual objects into the environmental space. Sketchfab's partnership with Microsoft is a huge step forward to bringing 3D objects into reality.


Developers from NASA, Skype and Trimble discuss building for HoloLens

In a panel discussion hosted by Microsoft four developers came together to discuss building apps for HoloLens. They described an experience that was creatively challenging, but intuitive from a technical perspective.


We played architect with Microsoft's staggeringly surreal HoloLens prototype

Microsoft reaffirmed its dedication to HoloLens at BUILD 2015 by letting users experience live demos with a prototype that looks exactly like that shown on stage. We went hands on…

  • Pros: Absolutely immersive , Surprisingly easy to use , Wireless…
  • Cons: Tight fit , Limited field of view , Image quality still…

Lenovo’s LaVie Z notebook is lightweight with heavy-duty specs

Lenovo has expanded its already prolific notebook range with a brand new 13.3" offering, that it claims is the lightest the world has ever seen. It has some powerful internal hardware too, but the pricing won't always be so friendly.


AMD delays FreeSync support for CrossFire, doesn’t set new release date

Hard luck, CrossFire gamers! AMD has announced that its frame rate syncing technology, Freesync, has had its latest update delayed. It would have added support for AMD GPUs, and multiple monitor display set ups.