You can use Android apps on a Chromebook now, so we gave it a try

Google Play and Android apps are now available on a few select Chromebooks, providing access to services that used to be unavailable. But is the user experience any good?

Epic founder Tim Sweeney is bashing Microsoft again over the Universal Windows Platform

Epic Games founder Tim Sweeney is back on his soapbox again bashing Microsoft about its Universal Windows Platform model and its attempt to drive Steam out of business. The latest rant arrives by way of Edge magazine issue #296 published in…

FBI confirms it is investigating cyberattack on Democratic National Committee

The Democratic National Committee has revealed that it was successfully attacked, possibly by Russian hackers, and now, the FBI is investigating the incident.
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Life in the fast lane: Zip through airport security with Clear biometric scanning

Frequent travelers can speed up airport check-in with Clear biometric scanning terminals. Skip the lines, scan your boarding pass and fingerprint and move on through. You'll still have to go through security checking, unless…

No More Ransom: Europol launches advice site for victims of ransomware

Europol, Intel Security, Kaspersky and the Dutch police have announced No More Ransom, a new site that provides ransomware advice and decryption software tools for those that have been infected by the malware.
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Baidu's AI Composer translates famous artworks into melodies you can listen to

Dubbed the Baidu AI Composer, the algorithm uses image recognition software -- supported by what the company calls “the world’s largest neural network” -- that translates the content, tone, and mood of particular images into…

The latest video diary of 'South Park: Fractured But Whole' covers the game's tactical RPG combat system

The latest video diary about the upcoming game South Park: Fractured But Whole talks about its turn-based, tactical RPG combat system, and the original title that wouldn't fly with retailers. Ubisoft also talks about emulating…
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AI expert says that Russia is on the verge of a ‘major breakthrough’ in artificial intelligence

In the past six months, we’ve seen AI master the board game Go, write a short film script, and infiltrate Snapchat filters ... But what was this breakthrough Alexi Samsonovich hinted at in NYC? Digital Trends reached out to him to find…

Gears of War 4 will hit PC at 4K with unlocked framerates and super-scaling

Technical director Mike Rayner from The Coalition recently listed the exclusive features the PC version of Gears of War 4 will have this October. He also clarified that the single-player campaign will not be locked at 30 frames per second.
Virtual Reality

The Rift now supports four sensors for improved room-scale VR

The Oculus Rift is designed for sitting down, Xbox controller in hand. A recent software update adds support for four sensors, in preparation for the Oculus Touch controller launch later this year.
Virtual Reality

Virtual reality and DotA 2 fan? We have the VR headset for you

If you want an HTC Vive with a little more color to it, the new DotA 2 International version will be right up your alley. The new HTC Vive comes with a bright red strap, with DotA 2 iconography on the back.
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Lenovo Ideapad 710S Review

Lenovo's 710S is proof that budget ultrabooks don't have to compromise.