HP debuts new DreamColor pro displays at broadcaster trade show

Supporting a wide range of color standards, HP's newly announced DreamColor displays come in two different sizes and wide-ranging price points, in the hopes of kitting out many professionals with new monitors.

Wearable device can anticipate conflict between spouses before it happens

Researchers at the University of Southern California have used wearable devices and a machine learning algorithm to develop a way of predicting spousal conflict before it flares up.

Microsoft strikes deal with G-Hold maker for Surface grip accessory

Microsoft has announced a new partnership with the creator of the G-Hold tablet grip system. Together they will create a version exclusively for use with the Surface range of tablet two-in-ones.

PC fan noise driving you nuts? Here’s how to silence it

Is your computer's fan noise driving you mad? Does your graphics card bellow like an ogre? Don't worry! There are easy, inexpensive ways to make your PC shut up - beside throwing it out the window!

Pain in the wrists? Type in comfort with these excellent ergonomic keyboards

If you work in an office, you're probably felt some aches after a long day. If extensive typing hurts your wrists, you might consider switching to an ergonomic keyboard. Here are some of the best.

Worried about your online privacy? Here are the best VPN services

Browsing the web can be less secure than most users would hope. If that concerns you, a virtual private network -- aka a VPN -- is a decent solution. Check out a few of our favorite services on the market, so you can encrypt data on any…

Missed out on the NES Classic? Don’t worry, building one is easier than you think 2:44

Nintendo may be discontinuing the NES Classic, but that doesn’t mean you must give up on playing classic Nintendo games. Crafting your own is as easy as picking a few parts off Amazon and formatting a memory card.

Ambient light sensors can be used to snoop on us while we're web browsing

Our gadgets are stocked with sensors that extract information from our environments. Some researchers have found a way to use the innocuous-seeming ambient light sensor to grab potentially sensitive browser data.
Product Review

Kingston HyperX Cloud Revolver S Review

Kingston's Revolver S headset is locked and loaded for every gaming system.

Microsoft rolls out Focused Inbox for Gmail accounts in Windows 10 Mail app

Today, Microsoft announced Focused Inbox support for Gmail accounts in the Windows 10 Mail & Calendar app, which will go a long way toward making it more useful for more Windows 10 users.

From automated cars to AI, Nvidia powers the future with hardcore gaming hardware 2:06

Though best known for its graphics cards, Nvidia is using its powerful hardware to power future AI developments, including autonomous cars and facial recognition systems.

Pick up a refurbished 13-inch MacBook Pro with Touch Bar to save some real money

One alternative for anyone who wants a new MacBook Pro but can't quite fit it into a budget is to pick up an Apple refurbished machine, which now includes the 13-inch MacBook Pro with Touch Bar.