Nvidia has licensed Rambus technology to help identify new attack vulnerabilities

Today, a deal between Rambus and Nvidia to license the former's security countermeasures is an example of how companies are working to keep these more hidden vulnerabilities protected,

Hackers can use heart-rate monitors to send jolts to cardiac implants, experts say

Security firms have verified that hackers could gain access to St. Jude's Merlin@Home monitor to deliver deadly commands to specific implants. The company is currently in a legal dispute with several defendants over the accusations.
Cool Tech

This modular drone will teach children how to code the fun way

Robotics startup Makeblock wants to teach kids to code by giving them a modular programmable drone to build and play with. If that wasn't fun enough, it can even transform into a hovercraft.

Russian listing shows three new portable personal computers using MacOS Sierra

Although the devices aren't actually listed as MacBooks, a Russian registration reveals three new portable personal computers running MacOS 10.12 "Sierra." Apple is expected to reveal new MacBook and MacBook Pro units this Thursday.

Lenovo details new desktop and laptops with AMD seventh-generation Pro APUs

AMD unveiled new hardware from Lenovo that utilizes the company's seventh-generation Pro APUs. There are two new entries to the popular ThinkPad line of laptops and the ThinkCentre M715 Tiny desktop.

Adobe's Photoshop Mystery 2016 will put your Photoshop skills to the test

Adobe's annual Photoshop Mystery is back, and it's bigger and more complex than ever. Details remain scarce, but we know participants can expect 21 scenes, 330,000 lines of Action Script code, and two Facebook Live events.

AI judge predicts outcome of human rights cases with remarkable accuracy

An AI algorithm has predicted the outcome of human rights trials with 79 percent accuracy. The system is the first of its kind trained solely from on case text from a major international court, the European Court of Human Rights.

AMD undercuts Nvidia ahead of GTX 1050 release with RX 460 and 470 price drops

With Nvidia's GTX 1050Ti set for release in the near future, AMD has upped its game by dropping its prices. Both the RX 460 and RX 470 GPUs have had their prices slashed by $10 apiece, finally bringing them both in line with their MSRPs.

PayPal fixed a major problem with its multifactor authentication protection

Security consultant Henry Hoggard picked up a bounty from PayPal after drawing attention to a major failing of the service's security measures relating to multifactor authentication.

If you only need basic Microsoft Office features, you can get a limited version for free.

Microsoft Office can be expensive, but unless you are a power user, you only need some features from the full Office suite. There are ways to use Office for free, but it can be tricky.
Social Media

Facebook lets you make voice and video calls with Windows 10 app update

The latest version of the Facebook app for Windows 10 allows users to exclusively broadcast from compatible desktops and tablets. For everyone else, the livestreaming service is still only available on smartphones.
Home Theater

Your days of watching pirated live streams may be over, thanks to Cisco

Cisco has plans to stop you in your tracks -- if you're illegally watching a pirated stream, that is. The San Jose-based company recently introduced a new technology known as Streaming Piracy Prevention.