Product Review

Huawei Matebook Review

Want fries with that? Huawei's first PC looks cheap, until you add extras.

Small town library leads freedom of internet browsing charge

Despite concerns by local police and Homeland Security, the Kilton Public Library in Lebanon, New Hampshire allows masked internet use. The Tor browser is installed and accessible to all on four computers allowing complete anonymity.
Virtual Reality

Compute from the beach (or Mars) with Space, a VR office environment

Get ready to write up that report on the beach, or in space, or wherever you fancy, as the office of the future could well be virtual. Pygmal's 'Space' software lets you open up as many virtual displays as you want in virtual reality.

Dolphin 5.0 is here, and brings with it awesome improvements

After nearly two-and-a-half years, and countless hours of bug testing, Dolphin 5.0 is here, and brings with it a slew of new features and big fixes making it one of the best and most stable emulators out right now.

Samsung patent filing gives clues to future of ‘Ahead,’ its Google-Glass-like device

Samsung has made a patent filing that may reveal the future direction of its a Google Glass-like device, called Ahead. The filing indicates it will have a tailor-made operating system.
Cool Tech

Groundbreaking random number algorithm may be boon for online security

Generating a string of random numbers is easy. The hard part is proving that they’re random. But as this algorithm's co-creator tells Digital Trends Marcin Pawłowski, "I really believe we can improve the security of communication for…

CryptXXX ransomware gets even tougher to crack, pulls in $45,000 in three weeks

The latest version of the CryptXXX ransomware has become even tougher to decrypt and has earned its authors more than $45,000 in Bitcoin payments from victims in just three weeks.

Google Earth just got a whole lot sharper thanks to the Landsat 8 satellite

Google has updated Google Earth with sharper and brighter images from the Landsat 8 satellite. The new images will also show in the satellite view of Maps, and over time will replace all of the older images in Earth.

Google ups its classroom cred with Cast for Education and Quizzes

Google has launched a slew of new tools for education and teachers, including quizzes in Google Forms, and Cast for Education, which allows students to cast their screens to their teacher's projector (with permission, of course)

Google’s Project Bloks looks to build new way for kids to learn programming

Google has unveiled a new open hardware platform to help teach kids how to code. Project Bloks is for developers, designers and researchers to build devices that will bring a physical and tangible way for children to learn more about…

One woman was so annoyed by the Windows 10 update, she sued — and won

Upgrading to a new version of Windows usually costs money, but one woman who felt forced into her Windows 10 upgrade has secured $10,000 from Microsoft after her computer was left practically unusable following the update.

AMD pledges better driver releases and new overdrive replacement in next update

'WattMan' could be the next face of AMD's graphics card overclocking utility, according to some leaked slides. Along with promising ever more frequent driver releases, more bang per buck and per watt, AMD's RX 480 cards could really shake…