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Quark VR releases video teaser for wireless HTC Vive kit

Quark VR has shared footage of its wireless kit for the HTC Vive being used by company co-founder, Krasi Nikolov, pledging that the technology works with various different headsets.

The 20 best keyboards for every iPad, from the Mini to the Pro

Whether you're looking to replace your laptop with a tablet or merely want to increase your typing speed, a physical keyboard is the perfect companion to the iPad. Check out our top picks for every iPad model.
Product Review

Razer Blade (2017) Review

The ultra-sharp Razer Blade shaves off resolution to prolong powerful performance.

Proposed NFL rule change could put Microsoft Surface front and center on replays

The marketers at Microsoft might be getting a huge break next season as NFL officials are considering a rule change that would greatly benefit the company's Surface promotional partnership with the league.

U.S. Senate votes to allow internet service providers to sell your private data

The U.S. Senate voted to cancel the FCC's rules preventing ISPs from selling private data to advertisers. It's the first step of several based on the Congressional Review Act giving Congress the right to repeal federal regulations.

Windows 10 Anniversary Update is on most PCs, AdDuplex data shows

The latest AdDuplex data provides some additional detail on how the Windows 10 market is shaking out. Specific emphasis was placed on how quickly users are upgrading their Windows 10 machines and which PCs are dominating the ecosystem.

‘Nier: Automata’ fan patch gives a big boost to detail, framerates

A new fan patch for Nier: Automata tweaks the settings, which could be enough to fix many of the framerate issues experienced by a number of players and letting them set higher detail levels.

Place your order now for Dell's $5,000 8K display, the UP3218K, and get it in April

Dell ramped up the hype machine at CES 2017 with its UP3218K, which gives "high resolution" new meaning. It's an 8K panel offering up a massive 7,680 x 4,320 resolution, and Dell is now offering it for sale for $5,000.

3Dmark benchmark test now lets you compare Direct X 11, 12, and Vulkan

Futuremark pits DirectX 11 and 12 against the new Vulkan API from Khronos to see which is the best in its updated version of its API Overhead Test in the latest version of 3Dmark.

Power boost: EVGA boosts clocks and cooling on GTX 1080 Ti designs

EVGA is looking to improve even further upon Nvidia's GTX 1080 Ti Founders Edition graphics card, with increased clock speeds, better cooling and in the case of its FTW3 card, fancy RGB lighting.

Corsair One launches today, starting at $1,799 for standard version, $2,299 for Pro edition

Corsair has officially launched its first prebuilt gaming PC, the Corsair One, which crams a lot of power into a relatively small form factor, but carries a high price tag as a result.
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Steelseries Rival 500 Review

Can the Steelseries Rival 500’s intuitive design make a case for a 15-button gaming mouse?