We made three premium laptops duke it out to see which is best for video editing 6:33

For video editors on the go, there's no shortage of laptops that can take the heat. The Unlockr took a look at the Razer Blade, Surface Book with Performance Base, and MacBook Pro, to find out which excels.

Can AI smart enough to play poker be weaponized without turning Terminator?

The abilities of cutting-edge AIs are being demonstrated in activities like poker and Go, but what’s coming next is no game.

Study: Accuracy of voice biometrics can diminish as we age

Researchers at fraud-detection firm Pindrop presented new research at RSA last week that shows our voice’s speed and pitch changes enough over the years that it may cause voice biometrics systems to fail.

Perspective is a new tool from Google that helps weed out ugly comments online

Perspective is a new technology from Google and Jigsaw that employs machine learning to identify toxic comments. Once these comments are identified, publishers or users can start to weed them out.
Cool Tech

Arena-sized VR experiences should explode in numbers soon due to OptiTrack

OptiTrack launched a new tracking system for out-of-home theme park-style VR experiences. The new system is capable of keeping up with multiple users and their carried/worn objects in areas filled with walls and stationary items.

Research paper provides evidence of first known SHA-1 collision

A research paper has demonstrated a collision between two files encrypted via SHA-1, proving that the algorithm is open to abuse and adding further weight to the argument that it should be retired.

Online product listing unveils the new Asus VivoBook Flip TP203

Asus seems poised to take another swing at the budget 2-in-1 laptop market in 2017, as an online product listing has confirmed the existence of a new entry in the company's VivoBook Flip line.

Chrome 58 Canary update adds MacBook Pro Touch Bar support

The Chrome 58 update for Google's browser seems likely to add official support for Apple's MacBook Pro Touch Bar, as the latest release in the Canary channel has it and adds a few additional functions for the browser.

Microsoft's DeepCoder programming AI can take over coding's dirty work

Microsoft Research worked with researchers at the University of Cambridge to create DeepCoder, a machine learning system built to solve programming challenges and pave the way for AI to perform the most tedious programming work.

Razer Power Bank looks good while keeping USB devices charged up

The Razer Power Bank smart charge accessory can power USB devices up to and including Razer's own Blade Stealth notebook while upholding the classic Razer aesthetic, providing 12,800mAh of portable USB charging capacity.
Cool Tech

A college student turned his Honda Civic into a self-driving car for $700 3:21

As an early beta tester for the self-driving car tech Comma, college student Brevan Jorgenson used the company's software, a 3D printer, and some other tech to turn his Honda Civic into an autonomous car.

Sony claims its new SF-G SD cards are the ‘world’s fastest’

Sony has launched a new line of SD cards aimed at high-end photography and video professionals. Thanks to unique firmware, the cards push the limits of the UHS-II U3 specification to achieve read speeds of 300MB per second.