Could YouTube videos help predict Islamic State attacks? Report says yes

Experts say they may have found a way to turn ISIS's hubris against them. According to a new report from Defense One, traffic spikes on YouTube videos may be able to help predict the extremist group's next attacks.
Virtual Reality

New technique fools your brain to make VR more immersive

A research project carried out by Microsoft, USC, and the University of Waterloo uses "perception hacks" to make interactions with physical objects less likely to break immersion.

Broadwell-E processor performance gains may be higher than anticipated

Intel's Broadwell-E Core i7-6850K is capable of achieving a 10 percent higher score than its Haswell-E equivalent, clock for clock. While this is in Cinebench's multithreaded test only, with other benchmarks not showing as much, it's still…

What are the odds that a ransomware payment will go to a children’s charity?

A new form of ransomware is making the rounds, using a new social engineering technique. It promises to donate your ransom money to a children's charity but it just appears to be another attempt to goad people into paying.

This Star Wars Day, join the Un-carrier rebellion and fight ‘The DeATTh Star’

It's May the Fourth so it's the perfect day to join the Un-carrier rebellion and use the force against evil. Just download T-Mobile's new Chrome extension, appropriately called The DeATTh Star, and let the fun begin.
Cool Tech

Need a temporary office? Step into one of Britain's red telephone boxes

Some of Britain's most iconic sights will soon serve a greater purpose than being the backdrop in your Instagram photo. Bar Works, a co-working company, is planning on turning classic red telephone boxes into mini offices.

IBM is offering you the reins of its quantum computer

Ever wanted to try out a quantum computer? The IBM Quantum Experience lets you do just that, by logging in to a five qubit system located in New York City from the comfort of your web browser.

Vanquish Wi-Fi dead zones by turning an old router into a wireless extender

Is there a Wi-Fi deadzone in your home or office? A Wi-Fi repeater can help. And if you have an old router, you can turn it into a repeater with a simple hack. That dead spot will be gone in no time.

Philips debuts a new 43-inch, 4K Ultra HD computer monitor

Likely ideal for anyone that's looking for a new monitor for productivity reasons, Philips has released a 43-inch monitor that offers 4K Ultra HD resolution as well as the ability to display from mulitple devices.
Product Review

Biostar Z170GT7 motherboard Review

Biostar’s Z170GT7 is a muscle car for a compact price.

New patent suggests the Apple Pencil could become much more than a stylus

Apple's latest patent, awarded on Wednesday, indicates new functionality for the Apple Pencil, including Touch ID security, LiveScribe-like digitization, and hot-swappable writing nibs, any or all of which may be coming soon to the popular…

What’s the most influential gadget ever? According to Time, it starts with an “i”

Happen to be an iPhone user? You also happen to use the most influential gadget ever released, according to Time Magazine's new list. Other Apple products, including the Macintosh and iPod, also made the list.