eSports team Fnatic simplifies competitive gaming with a brand-new line of peripherals

Famous eSports team Fnatic has decided to launch its own line of pro-level PC gaming peripherals through a crowdfunding campaign.
Cool Tech

China and the U.S. just set up a ‘space hotline’ to communicate

The most famous hotline of the hour may be Drake's "Hotline Bling, but it may soon be unseated by another hotline -- the space hotline set up between the United States and China to avoid potential interstellar conflicts.
Product Review

Toshiba Chromebook 2 (2015) Review

Toshiba's new Chromebook 2 gives Chrome OS the CPU power its always craved.

Prepare your rig for Just Cause 3 with this official specs list

To start your month off right, Just Cause 3 is here next week, and while it promises to be more chaotic -- but somehow at the same time more focused -- than ever, that's obviously going to put some pressure on your PC.

Comcast and Time Warner continue to grow despite consumer complaints

New market research shows that Comcast and Time Warner Cable are still gaining most new customers in cable broadband while fiber's growth is struggling to gain as much ground.

Console commands can ruin your game of Fallout 4

Fallout 4 is proving -- unsurprisingly -- to be a big hit for Bethesda, but as much as it's drawing the crowds, it's also drawing tweakers and modders, who it turns out are risking their save games by using console commands.

Windows 10 .ISO tool removed, forcing users to rely on Windows Update

Microsoft has removed the media creation tool that allows download of a Windows 10 .ISO, leaving users to lean on Windows Update. The decision further muddies the operating system's unclear upgrade policies.

Featured-packed Eizo Foris gaming monitor offers FreeSync controls 2:25

An upcoming monitor from Japanese manufacturer Eizo pairs a stunning 27-inch IPS display with FreeSync controls and other functionality intended to appeal to hardcore gaming enthusiasts.

Did you stay at one of the 54 Starwood hotels affected by a malware attack?

Nothing ruins a good vacation (or its memories) like a data breach. Unfortunately, if you stayed at one of the 54 Starwood hotels that were recently hit by malware, you may want to check your accounts.

ASUS N series laptops get Skylake CPUs and 4K displays 1:07

ASUS' new N Series laptops combine high-powered Skylake CPUs with 4K displays in 15 and 17 inch configurations, as well as offering a multitude of connectivity options, including USB 3.1 in a type-C configuration.

Google promises Force Awakens goodies if you decide between the Light or the Dark Side

Google's excited about The Force Awakens, the new Star Wars film out before the end of the year, and has launched a promotion where Google apps and sites get a Star Wars makeover, depending on your allegiance to the Force

When it comes to cyber-security, Millennials have a lot to learn

Symantec's latest cybersecurity report claims that millennials are getting sloppy with their online security processes and are paying the price while baby boomers are the wisest with their passwords and accounts.