Sci-Hub offers Pirate Bay-like simplicity to researchers around the world

Millions of scientists and researchers around the world download scientific papers illegally, for free, every month from Sci-Hub. It gives them access to everything, which might otherwise leave them in the hole for thousands of dollars.

Computer-related search warrants transformed by new Supreme Court Rule

This week the Supreme Court authorized a new rule that will allow courts to issue warrants that permit the FBI to hack into any computer, regardless of jurisdiction, as part of an investigation.

FBI can still hack other iPhone 5C models on iOS 9, paid under $1M for technique

FBI Director James Comey alluded to paying more than $1 million for hacking into the shooter's iPhone. That figure is reportedly wrong. Sources say the government paid less that $1 million, and the method can still be used to hack other…

Google finally dumped its $1,000 Chromebook Pixel

Google's Pixel Chromebook is currently listed as 'no longer available for sale' on the company's web store, signalling that the range of laptops might be undergoing an overhaul.

Here's how Anonymous hacking group members act out a political flame war

Hacker group Anonymous is claiming that tensions among their members relating to the presidential election are tied to a government plot to divide and conquer.

Employee found dead on Apple campus identified; company offers sympathies

A body was found in a conference room of Apple's Cupertino HQ. No identification has yet been given, but early reports suggest a suicide.

Cortana is smarter than ever, but now she won't search without Bing and Edge

Cortana, the personal assistant built into Windows 10, is quickly growing into a versatile and intelligent tool, but the latest change may irk some users, as Cortana is now exclusively using Bing and Edge.

Glassouse lets users control a mouse cursor with their eyes — and mouth

Inspired by his disabled friend's difficulty with using technology, Mehmet Nemo created Glassouse, a wearable device that lets users control a cursor without using their hands.
Virtual Reality

Crytek’s The Climb drops onto the Oculus Store from dizzying heights

We were impressed by Crytek's rock-climbing VR title The Climb when we checked it out back in December, and now it's out, and looking more impressive than ever, with leaderboards, day/night cycle, and ghost racing.

Google is building a hardware division under former Motorola CEO

Rick Osterloh, former president of Motorola, is now senior vice president at Google and will report directly to CEO Sundar Pichai. Osterloh will lead a new hardware division at Google, and will be in charge of Google's Nexus program.

Rainbow Six: Siege may compromise IP addresses during online play

New reports suggest that Ubisoft still hasn't fixed a security flaw in Rainbow Six: Siege that allows hackers to access the IP address of players, opening them up to DDoS attacks.

Fathom Neural Compute Stick makes deep learning possible for $100

Movidius has announced a neural networking chip that's housed in a USB drive, which could help facilitate all manner of deep-learning research at an expected price of less than $100.