Google's image-caption creator, based on AI technology, is now open source

Google has just published the code for Show and Tell, its image-caption creation technology, which uses artificial intelligence to give images captions. The new system is far quicker than the original Show and Tell.
Cool Tech

Tomorrow's medications could be invented by a deep learning supercomputer

A United Kingdom-based company called BenevolentAI is using the world’s most advanced deep learning supercomputer to help improve old drugs and invent entirely new ones. The result could revolutionize the pharmaceutical industry.

Nokia Bell Labs tests internet connection 1,000 times faster than Google Fiber

Conducted in conjunction with other researchers, Nokia Bell Labs used a new transmission technique to achieve a transfer rate close to the theoretical limit -- one terabyte per second.
Home Theater

Logitech’s computer speakers also play your music wirelessly from any device

If you are getting tired of using separate speakers for your computer and wireless music playback, Logitech’s Z337 Bold Sound with Bluetooth may be the answer, as it aims to be your all-in-one solution for both.

Cortana befuddles car accident witness by calling police station thousands of miles away

Microsoft’s digital assistant Cortana very nearly saved the day when a woman in Barnstaple, England witnessed a hit-and-run. Unfortunately, Cortana called the police in Barnstable, Massachusetts, a couple thousand miles away.

Hardware requirements released for ‘Resident Evil 7: Biohazard’ on PC

The minimum and recommended system requirements for "Resident Evil 7" on PC are now listed on Steam, revealing that gamers need a 64-bit operating system. The game only calls for 8GB of system memory despite the photo-realistic enviroinment

Alienware’s new gaming laptops to start shipping by the end of September

This year's Alienware 15 and 17-inch gaming laptops pack a VR-capable PC into a portable package, one that's almost 25 percent thinner than the company's previous model.

Several updated apps ride in on the latest Windows Insider preview build wave

Microsoft released Preview Build 14931 to Windows Insider participants in the Fast ring that serves as a launch platform for several updated apps to test. These include Sticky Notes, Maps, Feedback Hub, and a new service for Skype Preview.
Cool Tech

Flybrix is a modular drone for kids that's built almost entirely out of Legos

Flybrix, a startup based in San Francisco, has created a drone that can be built almost entirely out of Lego bricks. It's modular, too, and better yet programmable: Its flight computer can interpret commands.

With the Securifi Almond 3, its associated Alexa skills, even your router can be smart

On Thursday, Securifi announced the release of its Almond 3 Smart Home Wi-Fi system. Integrated with Echo's Alexa, the Almond 3 allows multiple units to come together to create a broad Wi-Fi network

Modder replicates ‘No Man’s Sky’ in ‘Doom,’ and it’s truly a sight to behold

Modder Robert Prest spent the last three weeks turning the popular shooter Doom into Hello Games' No Man's Sky. Everything from minerals to space stations has made it into the modded adventure.

Universal Stylus Initiative 1.0 is here, but devices won’t be until 2018

Tired of expensive, device-specific styluses? The Universal Stylus Initiative wants to blow the category open and make any device work with any stylus. An official version of the specification has been approved.