Microsoft: Android compatibility works, 74 OEMs now pre-installing apps

Microsoft might still lament that it hasn't been able to make Windows Phone the platform of choice for professionals, but it has had some real success with cross-platform applications. Its Android apps are now pre-installed by 74 OEMs.

Quantum Break is coming to PC the same day as Xbox One 1:47

Quantum Break, originally announced as an Xbox One exclusive, will be releasing on PC in April, the same day as the console version. This comes soon after Rise of the Tomb Raider made the move to PC, as well.

Can your PC run Hitman? Find out here 2:10

Keeping your PC up to date and capable of running the latest games might be easier than it used to be, but that still doesn't mean you can rest on your laurels. If you're interested in the new Hitman game, check out these specs to…

Relive early 90s software today, thanks to The Internet Archive

The Internet Archive has posted over one thousand ancient apps and games from the Windows 3.1 era, including classics like Minesweeper, all accessible from the convenience of your web browser.

VTech waves off security responsiblity after major 2015 breach

VTech made headlines in 2015 following a major data breach and now the company has formulated its response, changing its terms and conditions to disclaim any responsibility for user losses.
Movies & TV

2016's Tribeca Film Festival includes VR experiences in gaming and fictional storytelling

The 15th annual Tribeca Film Festival is embracing their focus on virtual reality and has revealed this year's lineup of virtual reality experiences, including gaming, music, and fictional storytelling.

Microsoft expands Insider rings with new ‘release preview’ builds

If you don't like the idea of the fast or slow ring of the Windows Insider program, consider the Release Preview ring, which offers driver and app updates, as well as the Windows feature tweaks.

Valve adds SteamVR code, graphics-enhancing rendering plugin to Unity

Valve and Unity Technologies have partnered up to bring native SteamVR support to the Unity game engine in addition to a new rendering plugin, making games more likely than ever just in time for the launch of HTC Vive.

The FBI still hasn’t cracked the San Bernardino terrorists’ encrypted smartphone

The FBI hasn't cracked the encryption on a smartphone belonging to the perpetrators of the San Bernardino attack, the agency's director recently told the Senate Intelligence Committee.

EVGA’s newest 980 Ti is built specifically for gamers with VR headsets

EVGA has a special VR edition of the 980 Ti, with an internal HDMI port and 5.25-inch breakout box to be placed at the front of a PC's case. This unique arrangement should make it easier to plug in, or remove, a headset.

FBI anti-extremism site targets teens, but misses the mark

The FBI's effort to grab the attention of smartphone devouring teens with a new website aimed at educating them about extremism seems half-baked, as it features '90s technology, dull web games, and a confusing interface.

The Walking Dead’s Michonne stars in a Telltale-produced miniseries 0:48

Developer Telltale Games will tackle The Walking Dead for a third time with the upcoming launch of The Walking Dead: Michonne, a three-episode miniseries centering around a popular character from Robert Kirkman's comic book…