Fathom Neural Compute Stick makes deep learning possible for $100

Movidius has announced a neural networking chip that's housed in a USB drive, which could help facilitate all manner of deep-learning research at an expected price of less than $100.

ISIS hacking groups merge as United Cyber Caliphate, but don’t worry too much

Until now, ISIS' hacking efforts have been largely improvised, and split between five overlapping groups. That changed this month, and so might the hacker's focus. Recruitment of elite hackers will be a priority.

HP built one of the nicest Chromebooks we've ever seen for $500

HP is out with a new Chromebook, and this one was designed in collaboration with Google. The 13.3-inch IPS display has a resolution of up to 3,200 x 1,800 pixels. Other features include Core M processors and USB Type-C.

Half-terabyte drive heads up Sandisk's refreshed Z410 line

Sandisk is looking to appeal to customers looking for more space at a bargain price, as the company adds a half-terabyte drive to its entry-level Z410 line of SSDs.

¡Felicidades! Glückwünsche! Congrats! Google Translate turns 10 years old

It's hard to imagine a time when becoming temporarily bilingual was as easy as clicking a button on Google Translate, but look back any further than a decade, and the world would've been a very different, less translatable place.

The 5 best women’s gadget bags for form, function, and fashion

People should be able to judge your (Mac)book by its cover. Check out our picks for the best gadget bags for women, so you can finally pick up a purse that combines form, function, and style.

Ex-police officer jailed indefinitely for refusing to decrypt hard drives

An ex police sergeant from Philadelphia is being held indefinitely in jail, despite not being charged with a crime, because he is suspected of owning child pornography and refuses to decrypt his hard drives.
Product Review

Lenovo ThinkPad P50 Review

They don't make 'em like they used to, except for Lenovo's trusty ThinkPad P50

House passes bipartisan anti-email snooping bill — unanimously

In a rare unanimous vote, a bill making it much tougher for the government to peer into your emails has passed the House. A tougher road lies ahead in the Senate, where law enforcement is pressing for exceptions.

Mac sales take a 12 percent tumble year-over-year as users upgrade less often

Apple can no longer claim it's immune to the sales slowdown plaguing the PC industry at large. On Tuesday it to announced that sales had fallen year-over-year at a rate not seen since 2007.

Comcast raises the data caps, but warns it may be heading elsewhere

Comcast has heard the complaints, and raised the data cap over what 99 percent of the customer base currently uses, but it isn't all good news, as data caps may be coming for you, too.

Microsoft interrupted a live broadcast to recommend Windows 10

If you think you're sick of those Windows 10 upgrade notifications, imagine if they showed up while you were reporting the weather. How would you feel? This meteorologist handled it pretty well.