AMD may introduce Gray Hawk APUs based on Zen Plus processor cores in 2019

AMD is reportedly slated to launch "Gray Hawk" APUs in 2019 based on its "Zen Plus" processor core technology. The chips will also feature AMD's "Navi" graphics architecture that will arrive in 2019 as well in addition to AMD's "Starship"…

Latest Windows Insider build turns off the lights and squashes annoying bugs

The latest Windows Insider build rolls out new Edge extensions and fixes a handful of bugs, including one which interrupted some users music listening experience every single second.

Samsung washing machines are exploding with 21 reported cases

If you have a top-loading Samsung washing machine, you need to check your serial number. In certain circumstances, a number of Samsung machines have exploded on their users, potentially causing harm.

Nvidia ditches mobile for self-driving cars with latest super chip: Xavier

Your computer and your next car could have something in common: they both might be running an Nvidia chip under the hood. On Wednesday, Nvidia announced a chip marketed as an “AI supercomputer" for self-driving cars.

Display maker AOC now offering its two AGON gaming monitors in the United States

Display maker AOC said that its AGON line of monitors for PC gaming is now available in the United States. Both are 27-inch panels with high resolutions packing technology to reduce image tearing, stuttering, and input lag. Prices start at…

Malware can now detect virtual machines, and then go dark like a Cold War spy

Getting some malware to do its thing on a virtual machine is a godsend for security researchers, but that may not be something they can enjoy for long, as we're now seeing malware that can detect where it is and shut down if it knows you're…

In quantum computing advance, D-Wave announces 2,000 qubit processor

Despite lingering doubts about the broader utility of quantum annealers as opposed to universal quantum computers, D-Wave's new 2,000-qubit processor is an achievement in its own right.

Close to the Metal Ep. 14: GTX 1060 review, and what’s up with video card prices? 31:51

We took a close look at a high-end GTX 1060 from Zotac. Though its performance was great, the price was hard to tolerate, given its increase over the base MSRP. And the GTX 1060 isn't the only card to suffer the problem.

Mozilla’s Test Pilot gains three new experiments – we gave them a try

Mozilla launched on Wednesday three new experiments for its Test Pilot program for Firefox. These include a screenshot tool and a picture-in-picture tool. The company is also bringing Tracking Protection to the main browsing window.
Cool Tech

Social media posts can help predict pollution in some of the world’s biggest cities

A new study by researchers at Rice University analyzed millions of posts on social media in Beijing to find out whether microblogging can double as a proxy measurement system for airborne pollution.

Microsoft's new collapsible keyboard design unveiled by U.S. patent office

Microsoft appears to be prepping a new protective case and collapsible keyboard combo for its mobile devices, according to images published by the U.S. patent office earlier this week.

Researchers find way to send passwords through your body to a device

Computer scientists and electrical engineers at the University of Washington have found that passwords can be transmitted through the human body to a device rather than over the air where they’re vulnerable to interception.