Having problems with your Microsoft Surface 4 Pro? We have 16 solutions

The Surface Pro 4 is a great tablet for professionals, but it's not perfect. Here are some of the issues Pro 4 users are experiencing, and everything we know about how to fix them.

The SLI Bridge may be ancient history in 2017 due to PCIe 4.0’s huge bandwidth

A device utilizing PCI Express 4.0 was on display during Intel's developer forum this week. An additional slide showed PCI Express 5.0 is also in the works, even though the PCI Express 4.0 spec won't be finalized until 2017.

Nvidia’s GTX 1080 can crack passwords as easily as it can game

Nvidia’s latest GTX 1080 graphics card is good for more than just gaming. It turns out its new Pascal architecture is excellent for digital forensics and, in particular, cracking passwords.
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Machine learning, satellite data look at nighttime lights to gauge poverty in Africa

Researchers at Stanford University are using machine learning and satellite data to develop a detailed “poverty map” of Africa by looking at areas where there there are few nighttime lights.

Web consultant says meters don’t measure true strength of passwords

Password meters only offer the illusion of security, according to tests, and often fail to identify really weak passwords that can be cracked in seconds. A web consultant says it’s further reason to use two-step authentication on your…
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Study suggests the internet is impacting our ability to solve problems and learn

A new study into "cognitive offloading" suggests that our ever-increasing reliance on the internet could be having a serious impact on our ability to solve problems, recall information, and learn.

Looking at coding bootcamps? You may be able to get financial aid for that

The U.S. Department of Education has launched a new experiment that seeks to give financial aid to coding bootcamp students. Four of the eight programs selected to participate in the program are coding bootcamps.

NASCAR driver Tony Stewart is a big fan of VR, too

When Tony Stewart isn’t tearing up a NASCAR track, he can be found enjoying a game – like iRacing, a racing sim he recently competed in. We spoke with Stewart about gaming, virtual reality, and how it all comes back to being a better…
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BigScreen brings Martian LAN parties to the Oculus Store

BigScreen is hitting the Oculus Home store with a big update today, delivering on the promise to bring a ‘completely cross-platform’ VR LAN party experience to consumers.

Sprechen Sie Deutsch? Google Assistant may support English and German at launch

Google has announced Assistant, a chatbot-like digital assistant that will be integrated into other services and products, like Google Home, and Allo, a new messaging app from the search giant.

Mac Evernote users can now quickly switch to OneNote

Switching from Evernote to OneNote just got easier. Microsoft brought their importer tool to the Mac. It grabs Evernote content and adds it to OneNote, meaning it takes just a few minutes to switch note-taking services.

Mac users, watch those links! New, convincing malware wants to trick you into clicking

Mac malware is rarely as sophisticated as its Windows counterparts, and this latest discovery is no different. It needs users to actively choose to install Advanced Mac Cleaner, which opens the flood-gates for a torrent of pointless apps.