Researcher finds exploit to bypass OS X’s Gatekeeper security

A major security exploit has been found in Mac OS X security package Gatekeeper, further discrediting the myth that Apple systems are impervious to assault from malicious hackers.

Pixel C vs. iPad Pro Spec Comparison

In the wake of Google's September 29th event, we take a look at the tech company's newly announced Pixel C tablet, its specs and features, and how it stacks up against Apple's upcoming iPad Pro.

Microsoft design patent solidifies its Hololens development

Good luck trying to make your own version of Microsoft's Hololens, as the company has now received a design patent for a "headset with a visor," which could prove broad enough to forestall anyone trying to produce something similar.
Social Media

Edward Snowden has finally joined Twitter

Just a few days after Neil deGrasse Tyson asked him to join Twitter, Edward Snowden sent out his first tweet to the masses.

Hands on: Google Pixel C convertible tablet

We go hands on with Google's new Pixel C, an Android tablet with a magnetic keyboard that turns it into a laptop-like device. But does it have what it takes to actually be a laptop replacement?
Home Theater

Chromecast just became the TV streaming device to beat

The Chromecast was already one of the best media streaming devices, and now it's gotten a whole lot better. Google has given it a complete makeover and added new features that will likely make it one of the hottest streaming devices…

AMD launches sixth generation of Pro processor line

AMD will attempt to convert businesses and commercial users to its GPU/CPU hybrid APU component with a new Pro line of processors that launches today. Will buyers ditch their CPUs and GPUs?

Google reveals the Pixel C, an Android tablet that wishes it was a laptop 1:55

Google has joined the ranks of Microsoft Surface clones with the Pixel C, and Android-based device with a magnetic keyboard. It will offer a 2,560 x 1,800 display and be powered by Nvidia hardware.

Quantum computing gets big boost from Google and NASA D-Wave investment

NASA and Google has just slipped into bed with D-Wave Systems for another seven years, making the biggest order of the company's history. It will give them access to all of the latest quantum computing developments over most of the next…

Remember! OS X 10.11 El Capitan is coming tomorrow

September 30 is the release date for the latest version of OS X, 10.11, also known as El Capitan. The update will work on most Macs that are six years old or newer, and we have the list of those that are compatible.

New leak details specs for Dell XPS 15

New details on the Dell XPS 15 seem to confirm that the device will be a high-end laptop that doesn't compromise on practicality, but at the same time that balance will command a high price.

These 5 featherweight laptops will keep your load light

Who is the lightest of them all? Let's take a look at the ultrabooks that really push the limit when it comes to shedding the pounds and staying light as can be.