Virtual Reality

Keep one foot in the physical world with a mixed-reality Vive setup

It's tough to show people who haven't tried VR what room-scale looks like, but with a green screen and a little elbow grease, you can set up mixed-reality Vive videos from the comfort of your own living room.

U.S. Department of Energy preps rival to top Chinese supercomputer

In the wake of China's TaihuLight claiming first place in last week's ranking of the world's top supercomputers, the U.S. Department of Energy has detailed its top contender to regain the title.

Testing shows Nvidia’s new video cards still go nuts with multiple high-refresh monitors

There is an ongoing issue with Nvidia's drivers causing the idle clock speed to jump when a second monitor with a high refresh rate is attached. Until the issue is fixed, both monitors need to remain at 60Hz to reduce heat and power draw.

Windows Maps will now prompt you to get off the bus

Windows Maps might not be the most popular navigation service out there, but Microsoft is still improving it. With the latest update it now informs users when they need to get off their train or bus, helping people avoid missing their…

‘One Internet’ report outlines the web’s biggest issues – backdoors, cyberwar and more

A report by the Global Commission on Internet Governance offers advice to policymakers and industry members about how best to combat the challenges raised by the modern internet.

Zuckerberg slammed for putting tape on his webcam, but it's actually not a bad idea

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg covered his laptop's camera with a piece of tape, meaning if hackers compromise his machine they won't be able to watch him. Should you do the same thing? Or is Zuckerberg just being paranoid?

Newegg listing leaks clock speed details of AMD’s Radeon RX 480

Jumping the gun by around a week, Newegg put up a listing for a Radeon RX 480, giving us our first real look at the clock speeds of a card from AMD's new range of GPUs.

AMD’s Zen chipset reportedly faces a costly design hurdle

Rumors are circulating that the outsourced chipset for AMD's upcoming Zen-based processors might require the costly addition of extra components to solve a problem with USB 3.1 connections.
Home Theater

BitTorrent wants you to watch the election unfold on its live-streaming service

BitTorrent is expanding its live-streaming service with the addition of its very own news channel in time to cover the election this fall. Tentatively titled "BitTorrent News," the network plans to set up its base in San Francisco.

Sticking with Windows 7? Make sure you do these 5 things first

Not everyone wants Windows 10, which is why Windows 7 remains the most popular operating system on the planet. If you're one of those users, make sure you're secure with these five tips for locking down and improving Windows 7.

The best PC hardware deals of the week

Looking to buy a new PC, but don't have a lot of cash in your account? We have you covered. This week's deals include an uber-stylish gaming PC, a 2TB mechanical hard drive, and a first-rate router that's bound to bolster your connectivity.

Sony killed Linux on the PlayStation 3, and now it has to pay the price

Sony has reached an agreement with plaintiffs the removal of the PlayStation 3's "Install Other OS" option. The agreement still needs approval, and will see qualified customers receiving $9 or $55, depending on their claim.