IBM attacks AMD’s ‘Zen’ with new details about Power9 processors for servers

During the Hot Chips 28 convention, IBM spilled details of its Power9 processor architecture for servers, built for a "cognitive era." The CPUs will be served up in 24- and 12-core form factors for the Linux and PowerVR ecosystems.

France and Germany push for an EU-wide law to allow access to encrypted messages

In a debate similar to the one going on in the U.S., French and German politicians are calling for an EU-wide law that would compel operators to allow access to messages protected by encryption. Civil rights groups have decried the…

The iPhone of the future may be smart enough to figure out exactly who stole it

In the future, stealing an iPhone could be a dangerous game to play, as Touch ID, machine learning, and the camera system could be used to identify the culprit.
Virtual Reality

More developers are targeting the Vive than the Rift, according to survey

The HTC Vive and the Oculus Rift are both angling for dominance over the nascent virtual reality market, but a new report indicates that the Vive has taken an early advantage in terms of developer support.
Cool Tech

The Kinect might not make great games, but it makes great music videos

It's difficult to name more than a handful of half-way decent Kinect games, but now you can point to a music video as a great source of artistic beauty that's only possible because of the Xbox camera.

Macs this fall will offer USB speeds up to 10gbps, and possibly Thunderbolt 3

Code strings in MacOS Sierra imply that USB 3.1 Gen 2 is on the way in new Macs, offering speeds of up to 10Gbps. This might also imply Thunderbolt 3 is on the way, offering a staggering amount of connectivity options.

Alienware now packs up to three RX 480s in its high-end systems

Alienware systems are expensive, but the hardware inside can be pretty powerful if you choose right. Now there's more options than before, with the RX 480 now available in up to triple-crossfire configuration in Alienware's high-end…

HP just built 3M’s privacy screens directly into its new laptops

Ever feel like the guy in the seat next to you is studying your spreadsheets a little too closely? Today, HP is unveiling the EliteBook 1040 with Sure View privacy filter, the first laptop with a built-in privacy screen.

Stuck on the spinng wheel of doom? Five ways to Force Quit an app in MacOS

Whether MacOS is giving you a spinning beach ball of death, or iTunes is taking too long to close (again), sometimes you just need to immediately close an app if MacOS isn’t being cooperative.
Cool Tech

Smartphone speech recognition can text 3 times faster than you can type

In a challenge pitting human texters against a cutting-edge speech recognition algorithm, the computer not only won -- it was three times faster than humans typing the same message. Impressive, right?

Super-thin laptops based on Intel’s “Apollo Lake” CPUs may ditch replaceable RAM

To provide an even thinner form factor, OEM's using Intel's new "Apollo Lake" Atom processors may go with soldered memory in upcoming laptops. That will lock users out of future upgrades.

Zenimax alleges John Carmack stole documents to help Oculus develop Rift

John Carmack's former employer, Bethesda parent company ZeniMax, alleges that the programmer stole copyrighted documents to develop the Oculus Rift. ZeniMax first filed a suit against Oculus more than two years ago.