Asus introduces a new thin-bezel 27-inch Zen AiO Pro

The Zen AiO Pro has offered a nice alternative to Apple's iMac, which we rated highly when we reviewed an earlier model. Now, Asus has released its latest model in the line with a larger display.

New Vivaldi browser arrives with a History feature for better usage monitoring

The latest version of the Vivaldi browser is out sporting a new History feature that's unlike the same component in competing browsers. The new feature includes graphics, statistics, and a calandar-based view for easy tracking.

Microsoft’s Office 365 update for March focuses on Excel, OneNote, and Visio

Microsoft has built a pattern of blogging about those new features along with its latest Office products. For March, the company released a major new feature to Excel, some OneNote improvements, and better Visio integration.

Up your game and save money with these Amazon Razer deals

Razer is a household name when it comes to PC accessories, and we've collected some of the best Razer deals going on Amazon right now. Save up to 27 percent on some of our favorite Razer keyboards, mice, and more.

GeForce GTX 1060 is now part of Nvidia's 'Prepare For Battle' free game deal

Nvidia finally added the GeForce GTX 1060 to its Prepare For Battle offer providing a free copy of For Honor or Ghost Recon: Wildlands. However, the free game is only offered when purchasing through participating retailers.

Want to watch Netflix in bed or browse the web? We have a tablet for everyone

There’s so much choice when shopping for a new tablet it can be hard to pick the right one. These are our picks for the best tablets you can buy right now.

Close to the Metal Ep. 36: Whose Optane Memory is it anyway?

Intel Optane Memory is right around the corner, but there are still a lot of unanswered questions surrounding its release. We'll break down what we know on this week's Close to the Metal.

Thermaltake’s View 28 is a gull-wing case with beautiful lighting

There are many considerations when selecting a case beyond its specs, like how it looks and how easy it is to get into. Thermaltake has taken all of those things into consideration in the design of its new View 28 mid-tower case.

LiquidSky promises seamless PC game streaming with relaunched client

Gaming-focused cloud streaming service LiquidSky relaunched with support for hundreds of compatible PC games, promising high-quality, low-latency performance across Windows PCs, smartphones, and tablets.

Switch to Windows 10 dark mode in seconds with our guide

Despite once being reserved strictly for developers, dark mode is now available to all Windows users. Here's how to activate the feature and adjust the accent colors in Windows 10.

Forget turning photos into paintings, this software copies another photo’s style

Prisma turns photos into paintings -- but what if you could mimic the style of a photo using artificial intelligence? Adobe and Cornell just developed a program that will copy the lighting and color in one photo and apply it to another.

Lenovo's latest workstation refresh, the P320, boasts seventh-gen Intel CPUs

Lenovo has introduced a refreshed ThinkStation P310 workstation sporting a new name and updated components that support virtual reality. The new ingredients include seventh-gen Intel Core processors and the latest Quadro GPUs.