Your Android might be controlled by a malicious Twitter account

According to a recent blog post from ESET, there's a new kind of mobile malware that makes use of Twitter to control an Android device-based botnet. It's the first known mobile malware to use this kind of social media account.

You can buy a laptop with an OLED screen now, but should you?

OLED screens, common on mobile devices, are just now beginning to appear on laptops. Their beauty will leave you wondering how you ever did without, but the new tech may leave you searching for the nearest power socket.

Wi-Fi troubles? Here’s the most common problems, and simple solutions

Don't panic when your Wi-Fi goes down. Instead, fix it. These simple solutions should help you get back to work, or whatever distraction is at hand, in a matter of minutes.

AT&T says slow pole access due to Google Fiber providing bad drawings

Blaming bad engineering drawings and unacceptable contractor assignments for moving and installing cables, AT&T explains slow pole access for Google Fiber. Google Fiber has had slow going in Nashville and has placed the blame on…

Don’t want to stick with your ISP’s cable modem? Here are your options

Tired of paying fees for your modem? Why not ditch the rental and buy a device of your own? Here are seven of our favorite modems, whether you're in need of a budget-based solution or one that comes with Wi-Fi capabilities.

‘SpaceEngine’ is like a free ‘No Man’s Sky’ modeled after the real universe

Space Engine is a free-to-download, procedurally generated simulator that's ten years in the making. Despite the incomprehensible size of the game's universe, it was developed by one man. But now, he says, he can't do it alone.
Cool Tech

Police in Baltimore testing privately funded 30 square mile continuous image surveillance

A privately-funded wide-angle continuous image surveillance system originally developed for the military monitors 30 square miles of Baltimore. Analysts on the ground can track pixel-sized people leaving crime scenes.

How to convert DVDs to MP4 files in Windows or MacOS

Given today's rapid technological advancements, physical discs are quickly becoming a thing of the past. Check out our guide on how to convert DVD files to MP4, so you can ditch discs for digital files.

Weekly Rewind: Milk replaces plastic, humidity slows phones, wicked supercars

In the tech world, a lot happens in a week. So much news goes on that it's almost impossible for mere mortals with real lives to keep track of everything. That’s why we’ve compiled a quick and dirty list of the top 10 tech stories from…

Luxury seems to define three new mechanical PC gaming keyboards from Corsair

Corsair has introduced three new "Lux" versions of its K70, K70 RGB, and K65 RGB mechanical keyboards, two of which sport an insane illumination system. The two K70 units are full-sized while the K65 model comes without the numeric keypad.

Samsung promises the upcoming CF791 monitor will out-curve the competition

In a video outlining Samsung’s monitor lineup for late 2016, the Korean electronics giant has shown off the latest in monitor technology: deep curves. The CF791 is, according to Samsung, the curviest monitor in the world. It…