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Bug bounty hunter scores on Facebook and turns in another hacker

While earning a $10,000 reward in Facebook's bug bounty program, a bug hunter called Orange Tsai discovered evidence another hacker had already been there and left code to exploit staff credentials.

The ‘Year of the Linux desktop’ never came, and it never will

Spotify, Skype, and Flash are all Linux programs that are breaking to various degrees in 2016. Are software companies abandoning the platform? And will efforts like Valve's SteamOS ultimately help at all?
Virtual Reality

You can’t buy a HoloLens yet, but it’s already won a design award

The HoloLens isn't available to consumers yet, but that didn't stop the Red Dot committee from recognizing its design. The augmented reality headset from Microsoft won for Product Design, a huge honor.

New 12-inch Retina MacBook not much more capable than last year’s model

A handful of new benchmarks have surfaced indicating that this year's 12-inch MacBooks are only marginally better performers than the last. That is unless you consider between 12 to 18 percent a substantial improvement.

Disney agrees to use Nokia’s OZO camera for VR content related to its movies

Nokia and The Walt Disney Studios have reached an agreement for the latter to use Nokia's new OZO virtual reality camera to make movie-related content. The OZO VR camera launched back in November for professionals here in the States…

Connecting a printer to Windows 10: Tips and troubleshooting

Setting up a printer is intimidating, especially if you don't know your way around Windows 10. Here's how to do it, and what to do if you're having trouble connecting to your network or computer.

Sony’s higher-resolution sensor spices up Raspberry Pi’s camera module

The Raspberry Pi's optional camera sensor accessory finally received an upgrade to Sony's IMX219 mobile device sensor, offering 8.08 million active pixels for the same $25 price tag. The previous board only provided a 5MP camera sensor…

A hacker group is threatening VPN providers with DDOS attacks

BlackVPN and a number of VPN providers and encrypted email services have all received DDOS threats from hacker group the Armada Collective, but BlackVPN is holding firm against the threats.

Acer's liquid-cooled Switch 12 is a no-nonsense 2-in-1 with real power

Acer’s new premium 2-in-1, the Switch Alpha 12, does everything a 2-in-1 should for way less than competition.

Exploit breaks Windows out of the AppLocker, to the dismay of IT admins everywhere

Microsoft may want to look to fix a newly discovered security hole, after it was found that a simple tweak to regsvr32 allows anyone to bypass protections put in place by system administrators using AppLocker,

Oculus Rift bundles reportedly shipping faster than solo headset

Component shortages have caused significant delays to Oculus Rift pre-orders, but now some frustrated consumers are attempting to beat the system and jump the queue.

2016 MacBook just as impossible to repair as last year’s, iFixIt teardown shows

What's different inside the 2016 MacBook? Not much, iFixIt's latest teardown suggests. If you've seen the inside of last year's, everything is familiar. It's also largely impossible to repair, thanks to soldered and glued parts.