Report: ‘Destiny 2’ to bear little resemblance to the original game, will hit PC

New reports suggest that Destiny 2 will have very little in common with the original game, and for the first time, it will also be on PC. An industry insider also suggests the game will take players to Saturn.

Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 600E and 410E processors are bound for IoT products

Venerable chipmaker Qualcomm has unveiled two new processors bound for IoT products: the Snapdragon 600E and 410E. They speak to the firm's broader ambitions in the burgeoning Internet of Things sector.

Why are video cards selling for way above MSRP? We asked the sellers, and makers

When new graphics cards are launched, stock is rarely as high as you'd hope, and retailers may take advantage of that by fiddling with the prices. We reached out to a few retailers and manufacturers to find out if that's true.

A Chicago man has admitted to his part in the ‘Celebgate’ nude photo hack

Remember the "Celebgate" photo hack of 2014? Chicago resident Edward Majerczyk, who on Tuesday entered a guilty plea for his part in the crime, is expected to receive a jail term of nine months.

Toshiba outs another family of OCZ SSDs as value-based hard drive replacements

After dishing out the OCZ VX500 SSD series just weeks ago for the mainstream market, Toshiba is eyeing the entry-level market with the new TL100 family. There are only two capacities reaching awesome read speeds of up to 550MB per second.

FCC commissioner wants an investigation into Wi-Fi at presidential debate

A commissioner from the Federal Communications Commission has asked the agency to investigate the banning of journalists’ Wi-Fi hotspots at Monday’s presidential debate at Hofstra University. Press were required to pay $200 for Wi-Fi…

Laptop makers are hitting brick walls thanks to hesitant component suppliers

OEMs such as Hewlett Packard and Dell are seeing increasing demand for notebooks, but are hitting a brick wall thanks to a shortage of laptop components. "Conservative" suppliers are forcing OEMs to find business elsewhere.

Citizens of Switzerland vote for broader government surveillance powers

A majority of Swiss voters voted in favor of a referendum that extends government surveillance powers. The new law permits monitoring first, approval later. Application of the new powers is limited to the Swiss intelligence agency.

HP needs to reverse its firmware update that blocked third-party ink, EFF says

The EFF sharply criticized the move in an open letter to CEO Dion Weisler. HP likely won't back down anytime soon, however. To them it's about protecting its "innovations and intellectual property."

Lenovo’s Yoga 910 laptop will get touchy with customer security thanks to FIDO

Lenovo said that upcoming laptops sporting fingerprint scanners from Synaptics will support the FIDO specification to prevent users from entering passwords. FIDO is supported by a number of online services such as PayPal and Bank of…

Microsoft’s Project Springfield offers preview of cloud-based exploit testing

Microsoft's newly debuted Project Springfield is a highly sophisticated automated testing tool that uses traditional techniques in new combinations and makes the process available remotely through its Azure cloud platform.

Microsoft's Edge browser uses a virtual machine to quarantine itself from malware

Microsoft's Edge browser will reportedly use a “mini virtual PC” to isolate itself from the rest of your system, effectively quarantining the entire browser to prevent malware from gaining access to sensitive files.