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Logitech announces mechanical keyboard with homegrown Romer-G switches

The Logitech G310 Atlas Dawn Compact Mechanical Gaming Keyboard is reportedly a follow-up to the G910 Orion Spark Logitech brought to market in late 2014, and it features the company's homegrown Romer-G switches.


The Amiga 1000, a milestone in personal computing, turns 30 today

30 years ago, on July 23rd of 1985, Commodore unveiled the Amiga 1000, the first computer to bring full-color graphics, multi-tasking, and deep software support to homes all over the world.


Razer announces July 23-31 preorder for Mamba Tournament Edition mouse

For eSports enthusiasts, Razer is briefly opening a preorder window for its new Mamba Tournament Edition mouse, which will run from July 23 through July 31. No release date has been officially announced.


Reach out and touch someone: Windows 10 supports pen over remote desktop

Surface users who have grown accustomed to using a pen as their primary input device will be pleased to hear that Microsoft is expanding such functionality in Remote Desktop for Windows 10.


AMD R9 Nano wattage numbers leak ahead of August release

Even if they're rumors for now, the potentially leaked wattage numbers of AMD's upcoming R9 Nano GPU are too juicy not to check out. The card hopes to target small system and budget builders looking for high-end performance at an efficient price.


Twitch pushing Flash out the door in favor of HTML5 in future updates

Twitch has begun the transition from Flash to HTML5 for its game live-streaming service, starting with HTML5 player controls. The underlying player is still Flash, but this is set to change in future updates.


Now our computers can forge our letters and checks

Handwriting is a dying art, since the majority of written communication is typed in our modern world. Still, computers may keep it alive for us, as thanks to one researcher's efforts, they can now write just like we used to.


How to record Twitch streams for later viewing on a PC

So you want to record your Twitch streams for later viewing? Well, you've come to the right place. Our complete guide can help viewers and broadcasters archive streams for later.


Microsoft launches Send, its email-based messaging app

Microsoft has launched Send, an iOS-only (for now) app that makes emailing friends and co-workers feel more like a simple messaging exchange, with no need for signatures, subject lines, or salutations.


Newly discovered bug could hand control of your Mac over to hackers

A bug introduced in the most recent OS X update allegedly allows hackers to access unrestricted root user privileges, making it possible to conduct all sorts of mischief without user knowledge.


A PC by any other name: Mouse compatibility is inbound for the Xbox One

Microsoft's Xbox chief, Phil Spencer, said on Twitter that mouse compatibility isn't far away for the Xbox One, which will soon be able to stream games to Windows 10 PCs. Microsoft is uniquely positioned to bridge the gap between PCs and gaming consoles.


Microsoft promises to promptly remove revenge porn from OneDrive, Xbox Live

In an attempt to defend users against revenge porn, Microsoft has announced a new reporting system as well as changes to the rules of its Bing, OneDrive and Xbox Live services.


Microsoft Office for Windows users can now sync files with Google Drive

Office users have another choice for cloud storage. A new plug-in makes it possible to open and edit Word, Excel, and PowerPoint files directly from Google Drive.


Acer releases the One 10, a Windows 2-in-1 that sells for just $200

Acer has just released its cheapest Windows 2-in-1 to date in the form of the One 10. Selling for just $200, the pint-sized device has a 10-inch display, quad-core Intel Atom and 2GB of RAM.


Windows 10 will put Start Screen Sync and App Sync to the axe

Windows 8 synced the user's Start Screen layout and purchased Apps between devices automatically. Microsoft, citing user preferences, has removed the feature in Windows 10.