Keep your login information under lock and key with the best password managers

The internet is a scary place, especially if you don't have a proper passcode manager. Here's a quick guide to password manager apps: what they do, how they protect, and good ones to choose.

Scientists develop program that matches doodles with photographs

Scientists have started work on a computer program that will be able to take a doodle or sketch of an image and find a matching photograph. The program uses deep learning to understand context of drawings.
Virtual Reality

Google wants VR to work far better on Android phones with ‘Daydream’

Google introduced its VR platform called Daydream during the 2016 Google I/O keynote. It consists of a compatible smartphone, a headset, a controller, and apps.

IBM memory breakthrough could lead to drives 70 times quicker than today’s SSDs

Researchers at IBM have found a way to increase the number of bits stored per cell in PCM memory threefold, possibly speeding boot times, or even storing large databases for quick retrieval.

Report: Hacker puts data from 167 million LinkedIn accounts up for sale

In 2012, LinkedIn suffered a major data breach that saw 6.5 million hashed passwords leaked online -- and now there's evidence that it was just the beginning of a bigger scandal.

Google Assistant wants to be your one-stop shop for everything

Google has announced Assistant, a chatbot-like digital assistant that will be integrated into other services and products, like Google Home, and Allo, a new messaging app from the search giant.

Bots are about to take over the world … but they just want to tell you the weather 2:05

Bots are becoming more advanced, prompting major companies like Facebook and Microsoft to tout them as a compliment, or even replacement, to apps. They could even change how you talk to your friends.

Lian Li unveils steel-based case series for system builders on a budget

Lian Li has introduced an upcoming line of steel-based cases called the Ebonsteel series. There are three in all focused on the system builder on a budget, one of which promises silent operation thanks to noise-dampening foam…

Alexa, you’ve got competition. Google Home wants to run your household

Google wants to take on Amazon's voice assistant, Alexa, with a rumored device for the home named Google Home. It will resemble Google's OnHub wireless router, and we'll find out more on May 18 at Google I/O.

Microsoft's new Windows 7 patch bundles five years of updates in one easy download

Microsoft has released a 'convenience rollup' intended to make it as easy as possible to bring a PC running Windows 7 completely up to date with patches and security fixes.

Get excited: GTX 1080 benchmarks are here, and better than expected

Nvidia's long-awaited GTX 1080 has hit the streets, and the reviews and benchmarks are unanimous: There's good reason to be excited about the benchmark-busting reference card.

New cable technology could give you fiber Internet performance over existing lines

Fiber is currently the gold standard in internet infrastructure, but a new project from Bell Labs could make cable Internet competitive -- if only over short distances.