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Dell’s new S2716DG G-Sync monitor is great for games, bad for your wallet

Dell has announced a new G-Sync supporting monitor that's packed with features. It has 1440p resolution, fast response time and a great refresh rate, but it is expensive. The company also revealed a curved 27-inch display.


Fed up with chintzy tablet keyboards? LG’s Rolly fits fours rows in your pocket

With a four-hinge folding system, LG's Rolly is a truly mobile tablet keyboard that doesn't compromise on the typing experience, and it fits in your pocket. It will be available in September for an undisclosed price.


Fable Legends is not coming to Steam, will be Windows 10 exclusive on PC

Microsoft played down its gated Windows 10 app store, suggesting it wouldn't keep titles for itself, but that looks to be happening with Fable Legends. Lionhead's social media coordinator as tweeted the game will be a Store exclusive.


Lollipop on Windows now possible with AMIDuOS 2.0

Although Microsoft might be pushing for a porting system from Android to Windows, you can jump the gun with the new AMIDuOS emulator, which is now capable of bringing over Lollipop apps, for just $15.


Alienware refreshes X51 and notebook lineup with overclocking, USB 3.1

Alienware has announced a refreshed line of notebooks, along with an X51 desktop, that feature 6th-generation Intel Core processor, overclocking, and USB 3.1.


AMD’s Radeon R9 Nano is built for tiny PCs, but costs as much as the Fury X

With an impending fall release, we finally have the skinny on AMD's compact flagship graphics card, with 4GB of high bandwidth memory and a 175-watt thermal design power.


Security researcher zeroes in on possible Ashley Madison hacker

With a half million Canadian dollar bounty on the line, everyone's searching for the team behind the Ashley Madison attack, and Krebs may have made a huge step towards cracking the case.


AT&T is injecting ads into its Wi-Fi hotspots without user permission

There's no such thing as free Wi-Fi, and AT&T is getting paid by injecting ads into users' Internet browsing traffic, including ads for their own service.


The Sensel Morph isn’t just a giant touchpad, it’s whatever you want it to be

The mouse, keyboard and touchpad are the big three input methods for PC users, but perhaps there's a better way. Sensel has developed a pressure sensitive touchpad and overlays, transforming its function on the fly.


The Oakland police store license plates on a Windows XP machine – and it’s been crashing

The Oakland Police Department has decided to curtail its license plate reader retention period from two years to six months thanks to hard drive crashes on its Windows XP computer.


Family sues school, claiming strong Wi-Fi signals made their son ill

It's never nice when a child is ill, especially if you don't know what's wrong with them. In one case where that seems to have happened, the parents of a child are suing the school, claiming that its Wireless network is to blame.


Can you dig it? Here’s how to set up a dedicated Terraria server

Terraria is a game best experienced with a group of your friends, and a dedicated server is the best way to do so. Follow our handy guide and you'll be exploring and crafting with your friends in no time.


How to restore your Windows computer to its factory settings

With this guide, you'll be able to restore your Windows PC to the settings that it had when you first bought it. We cover every version of Windows since Vista.


DDoS attack hits GitHub after Chinese police force developer to remove code

Code repository GitHub was targeted by a DDoS attack this week that allegedly occurred due to the site hosting code that allowed Chinese users to bypass censorship in their country.


Windows 10 adoption rate is huge; 75 million in first month

In the few weeks since the launch of Windows 10, Microsoft has managed to have as many as 75 million people from as many as 192 countries around the world install the new OS. The firm may not have made much money from it yet, but the adoption rate is huge.