Windows 10 Anniversary Update is now available for businesses

Microsoft greenlighted the Windows 10 Anniversary Update for the Current Branch for Business model on Tuesday, meaning the build is based on four months of feedback provided by partners and customers. I

Colorful to unleash its monstrous Kudan based on the GTX 1080 graphics card

Reports stemming from Colorful's recent weekend-long event reveal that the company will launch a four-slot GeForce GTX 1080 graphics card in a month or two. The details surrounding this monster are unknown outside its reported max boost…

Apple will foot the bill, issue refunds for repairs to iMac display hinge

Apple will cover repair and replacement of the iMac display hinge, as well as issue refunds to consumers who already obtained a repair, according to an internal announcement. Such repairs often cost more than $100.

Tired of your boring screensaver? Google’s Featured Photos now available on Mac

Previously only available on Pixel, Chromecast, and Google Fiber devices, Google’s Featured Photo screensaver is coming to Mac devices. It pulls directly from some of Google’s highest-rated photos.

Ever-changing Earth: Google’s Timelapse update brings the world into clearer view

Google updated its interactive Timelapse photo system with petabytes of new data and improved the quality of the historical records. With it, you can see the world change dramatically over the past 32 years.

Intel’s next-gen Core i7 leaks ahead of wide release, undergoes testing

The leaks keep on coming. Just after the specs for Intel’s upcoming 7th-generation Kaby Lake Core i3 hit the web, a hardware sample of Intel’s forthcoming i7-7700K leaked ahead of schedule.

Surface Studio is easy to repair and has some upgradeable parts, iFixit says

Overall, iFixit gives the Surface Studio AIO machine a five out of ten for repairability, with an easily accessed base unit. some upgradeable components, and a highly integrated design that's nevertheless easy to repair.

Three main internet lines linking the Channel Islands to the U.K. severed

JT Global reports that three fiber-optic submarine cables linking the Channel Islands to the U.K. were severed Monday night, possibly by a boat's anchor. Now all communications are pumped through a single line draped to France, slowing…

Close to the Metal Ep. 23: You should buy a monitor this holiday season 39:08

The holiday shopping season means hot sales, and this year there's a particular category of hardware the stands out. Monitors. A buffet of hot deals are available, ranging from small, simple displays to huge 34-inch ultrawides…

Update: San Francisco MTA hacker allegedly hacked by a security researcher

Travelers using services operated by the San Francisco Municipal Transport Authority were able to ride for free on Saturday, after the organization's computer network was hit by a ransomware attack.

MacOS X gets a splash of pretty colors with its new beta update wallpapers

The latest MacBook Pro adverts used various Color Burst wallpapers to really show off how pretty the new laptops are, leaving many an OS X user jealous. Fortunately, an upcoming beta update will come with those wallpapers.

HPE confirms successful demonstration of memory-driven computer architecture

Hewlett Packard Enterprise has been working on an ambitious research project known as The Machine for several years, and now the company has detailed a successful demonstration of the memory-driven computing concept that it hinges on.