DT Giveaway: SanDisk Extreme 900 portable SSD

Looking for a new portable hard drive? You could buy one, or you could enter to win a 960GB SanDisk Extreme 900 Series SSD, a slim external hard drive that weighs in at just under half a pound. The SanDisk’s temperature and…

MSI has a ton of new products for Computex, including a VR PC that fits in your backpack

MSI has put its Computex 2016 cards on the table, showing it will sport a handful of VR-ready gaming laptops and a backpack PC for VR gaming on the go. Other products include gaming desktops, motherboards, and a GTX 1080 Founders Edition…

Lenovo: Motorola product transition was 'not successful' in North America

Lenovo has made it clear that its acquisition of Motorola from Google did not go the way it would have liked. The company is splitting strategies -- one to focus on China, and the other to boost the Motorola brand in the rest of the world.

You can finally pre-order Asus' massive liquid-cooled gaming laptop 1:23

We spent a few minutes playing with Asus' liquid-cooled gaming laptop back in October, but now the specifications are official and the massive machine has even popped up for pre-sale at a sky-high $5,000.

Report blasts U.S. for controlling nukes with floppy disks, but it’s not all bad

From floppy disks to computers running Windows 3.1, a new report from the Government Accountability Office paints federal agencies as behind the times. But there may be reason to use older hardware.

Determined, mysterious attack hits major DNS provider, causing service outages

A string of DDoS attacks from an unknown source has prompted DNS provider NS1 to speak out about its efforts to repel these advances and maintain normal service.

Join DT playing Blizzard's Overwatch on Twitch

Join Digital Trends' Will Fulton playing Blizzard's newly-released hero shooter, Overwatch, on Twitch at 1pm EST.

Zotac teases new mini PCs ahead of Computex 2016

When Computex 2016 takes over Taipei next week, Zotac will be bringing backpack VR, and mini PCs with capabilities spanning virtual reality, high-end gaming, and office productivity.

China may send the first unhackable messages with quantum encryption

In an effort to get one up on government-sponsored and self-motivated hackers, China is set to launch the world's first quantum communications satellite, making its messages potentially un-hackable.

Google’s Forest Change Explorer helps kids visualize deforestation

Deforestation is a major problem facing the future health of our planet, and to help children and students better understand it, Google has teamed up with researchers to make an interactive tool showing deforestation and reforestation in…

The FBI wants to read your emails without a warrant

The Senate Intelligence Committee has approved a bill that would give the FBI the ability to acquire consumer email communications, without needing a warrant to do so. It remains to be seen if the full Senate will give it the thumbs up…
Social Media

LinkedIn provides update on data breach and security tips for members

LinkedIn has provided an update on its data breach and the preventive security measures it has taken since the leak came to light. The social network has also offered a number of password protection tips for its members.