HP updates its Z240 workstation with more memory and a Core i7-6700K

HP released a third-generation model of its Z240 tower workstation on Tuesday, supporting more memory, a faster processor, an M.2 slot, optional HP Z Turbo SSDs, and more. The RGS receiver for Mac was dated too, slated to be released soon.
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Google raises 5 safety concerns for the future of artificial intelligence

The days of an AI-controlled robot janitor might not be too far away, but a new paper from Google, OpenAI, Stanford University, and UC Berkeley raises some safety concerns that need to be addressed first.
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HoloLens concept lets you control your smart home via augmented reality

A Jedi-style HoloLens hackathon proof of concept would let smart home owners control their connected gadgets through augmented reality, using simple gestures and glances. Check out the awesome video demo here.
Virtual Reality

Want photo-realistic VR? Industrial Light & Magic thinks an 8-GPU rig can help

As Industrial Light & Magic becomes increasingly involved with virtual reality content, the company's ILMxLab subdivision is experimenting with a powerful 8-GPU setup.

Nvidia's new Quadro cards offer Titan X-beating power with a price to match

Nvidia has a new pair of Quadro cards out, and they're world-beaters. With Pascal hardware under the hood and many gigabytes of GDDRX memory alongside, these GPUs offer huge performance -- but you'll need deep pockets to afford it.

How to take drab hair and make It pop in Photoshop

Hair can be an interesting post-editing beast to tackle, so what is the trick to getting eye-catching hair in your portraits? This video shares the Photoshop secrets to getting beautiful, natural-looking hair in Photoshop.

AMD’s new $10,000 graphics card has its own built-in SSDs

The Radeon Pro Duo was already the most impressive graphics card that AMD had ever put together, but now the SSG version lets you play with one that has as much as a terabyte of local storage too.

Microsoft consolidates its two-factor authentication options into a single app

Microsoft's launching a new app two-factor app for "major mobile platforms," Microsoft Authenticator, which will unify its current crop of disparate apps. It's set to launch in August.

You can use Android apps on a Chromebook now, so we gave it a try

Google Play and Android apps are now available on a few select Chromebooks, providing access to services that used to be unavailable. But is the user experience any good?

FBI confirms it is investigating cyberattack on Democratic National Committee

The Democratic National Committee has revealed that it was successfully attacked, possibly by Russian hackers, and now, the FBI is investigating the incident.
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Life in the fast lane: Zip through airport security with Clear biometric scanning

Frequent travelers can speed up airport check-in with Clear biometric scanning terminals. Skip the lines, scan your boarding pass and fingerprint and move on through. You'll still have to go through security checking, unless…

No More Ransom: Europol launches advice site for victims of ransomware

Europol, Intel Security, Kaspersky and the Dutch police have announced No More Ransom, a new site that provides ransomware advice and decryption software tools for those that have been infected by the malware.