Opera 40 users can access foreign media without moving overseas

The latest version of the Opera browser for the desktop includes a VPN feature, allowing users to connect to a foreign server and surf the internet. This hides their true address and enables them to view foreign media.

With trading, in-game events finally coming to ‘Pokémon Go,’ are battles next?

After in-game events and trading between players are added to Pokémon Go, we may see player-versus-player battles become part of Niantic's augmented reality app.
Cool Tech

MakerBot upgrade: New 3D printers offer bigger prints at faster speeds

MakerBot has unveiled a series of new printers, the Replicator+ and Replicator Mini+, offering larger prints, faster speeds, and quieter volumes. The printers were unveiled alongside new MakerBot apps and a new filament.

Adobe to let stock photographers sell images within Lightroom app

Lightroom and Bridge users will no longer have to open a web browser to sell stock photos. With Adobe Stock Contributor, now in public beta, photographers and graphic artists will be able to sell their own images without leaving…
Virtual Reality

HTC Vive travel pack now available with Innoactive’s ‘VR Suitcase’

Innoactive's new VR Suitcase is looking to make it easier than ever to take a working virtual reality set up wherever you go - but it's very, very expensive.

As Apple designers snooze, MacOS Sierra is slipping behind Windows 10

Apple has changed the name of OS X, but the underlying operating system remains the same. Aside from Siri, the MacOS brings little to the table, and the best extras are only applicable to iOS users.

SanDisk announces development of the only SD card you’ll ever need

SanDisk has reached another milestone in memory card capacity with a 1TB SD card. It's big enough to hold a million, one-megabyte JPEGs or 12,500 RAW files from Sony's 42-megapixel A7R II mirrorless camera.
Cool Tech

Google has a new plan to fight internet trolls, and it starts and ends with AI

Conversation AI uses "machine learning to spot the language of abuse and harassment -- with, Jigsaw engineers say, better accuracy than any keyword filter and at a faster speed than any team of human moderators.
Product Review

Betternet Betterspot VPN Router Review

Protect your privacy and dodge geo-restrictions with the Betterspot.

Google to show off new Pixel phones, Android and Chrome OS merger, on Oct. 4

Google's Nexus line of devices may be at an end. The upcoming Google phones are rumored to be called the Pixel and Pixel XL. Google has confirmed it will announce a new smartphone, and likely other devices, on October 4.

‘Gears of War 4’ will offer local split-screen co-op gameplay on Windows 10

A recent event showcasing "Gears of War 4" reveled that the Windows 10 version of the game will support local, split-screen co-op multiplayer gameplay. Cross-play compatibility with the Xbox One will be included too supporting Horde Mode…

How to change your wallpaper and login screen in Windows 10

Windows 10 has a new Settings menu, and as a result some common tasks have changed. Replacing the wallpaper for your desktop or login screen is among them. Here's how to do it with 10.