Corsair One launches today, starting at $1,799 for standard version, $2,299 for Pro edition

Corsair has officially launched its first prebuilt gaming PC, the Corsair One, which crams a lot of power into a relatively small form factor, but carries a high price tag as a result.
Product Review

Steelseries Rival 500 Review

Can the Steelseries Rival 500’s intuitive design make a case for a 15-button gaming mouse?

Microsoft is licensing its tech to car firms, with Toyota first to jump on board

Microsoft has detailed a new program that will make a broad swathe the company's technologies available to automobile manufacturers, with Toyota being announced as the first partner to sign up.

This Apple patent would transform your iPhone or iPad into a MacBook

An Apple patent has surfaced for MacBook-like docks that could house your iPhone or iPad, transforming them into full-fledged laptops, with physical keyboards, ports, and more.

Khronos wants to let you write a game that can run on Vulkan, Metal, and DirectX 12

Khronos has concluded that current cross-platform solutions aren't sufficient to support every platform, and so it's is creating a portable API that will run on top of Vulkan, Metal, and Microsoft DirectX 12

'Dig once' legislation hopes to increase fiber internet's footprint

Companies are working to lay more fiber internet and the government has a few ideas of its own on how to increase fiber's footprint. One is "dig once," a policy that would incorporate fiber into federal infrastructure projects.

John Deere tractor owners allegedly use hacked Ukrainian firmware for repairs

Upset that a John Deere licensing agreement forbids repairing their own tractors, farmers turn to allegedly hacked Ukrainian firmware. Farmers see repair restrictions as a threat to their business and to their freedom.

Google announces updates for Duo, Allo, Photos, and Google Search in Brazil

Google announced a string of app updates aimed at developing markets -- specifically Brazil. The company's rolling out improvements to Allo, Duo, Google Photos, and more in the coming weeks.

Logitech's MK850 Performance is the full-size keyboard and mouse combo for all your devices

Logitech offers a full line of keyboards and mice aimed at getting things done, and it's announced its latest options. The MK850 Performance combo offers a new full-featured keyboard and contoured mouse that works on multiple…

Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 835 demolishes the competition in new benchmarks

Qualcomm claimed the Snapdragon 835 was the company's fastest mobile chip yet and benchmarks prove that. In tests at the company's HQ, the chip bested Samsung's Exynos processor and Huawei's Kirin.

Adobe is working on software to cut out the background from any photo

Adobe is working to make clipping a background out of an image simpler using deep learning software. The program relies on structure instead of color to clip out the background.

Mouse’s facial recognition camera is a cost-effective way to use Windows Hello

A competitively priced camera peripheral from Mouse Computers allows Windows 10 users to log in using the facial-recognition abilities of Windows Hello, without paying for a new computer.