Intel closes loophole that allowed overclocking of non-K processors

Shutting down a popular loophole that allowed PC builders to overclock non-K processors, Intel's microcode update will ultimately push users back to more expensive processors as well as add-on protection plans.

Three new Viewsonic XG series monitors now being sold, including a 4K model 0:54

Initially revealed back at CES last month, Viewsonic has made available three of its XG series monitors, including two full HD 1080p displays and one costly, yet striking, 4K panel, starting today.

Get 2 free GB of Google Drive storage by reviewing your security settings

Google wants you to review your security settings, and is willing to give you 2GB of free storage just for checking. The company did the same thing last year, and here's how to review your settings.

Hacker compromises data of nearly 30,000 FBI and DHS employees with a simple phone call

A hacker has reportedly compromised the personal accounts of 20,000 FBI agents and 9,000 Department of Homeland Security employees, all with a single phone call.

8 hard-earned tips you’ll need to take back Earth in XCOM 2

These starting tips for XCOM 2 will help series veterans and fresh-faced recruits alike get their bearings in Firaxis' fantastic new entry in the strategy game series, setting you on a course to take back Earth in no time.

Windows 10's Storage menu makes managing your hard drive a cinch

Microsoft has made managing your hard drive's storage easy with a new Windows 10 storage menu. Here's how it can quickly find, and eliminate, programs that are taking too much space.

PC feeling sluggish? Speed it back up with these free apps 4:15

Whether you're struggling with slow resposne times or laggy 3D games, these free apps will help you speed up your PC by updating, defragmenting, and sometimes even decontaminating your computer.

Enigma Software sues BleepingComputer for alleged 'smear campaign'

Enigma Software is suing tech reviews site BleepingComputer for negative remarks posted on its site, and has accused it of carrying out a smear campaign against its SpyHunter software.

Mozilla drops ‘Train Model,’ shifts Firefox to a flexible release schedule

Mozilla has announced that Firefox version updates will no longer be released at rigid six-week intervals, instead moving to a more flexible schedule that is slated to commence in June 2016.

Ubisoft claims consoles did not hamstring The Division on PC

It's somewhat expected of modern PC games that if they have a console port then the PC version probably could have looked better. Not so with The Division according to Ubisoft, which has denied all claims to the contrary.

Mac Pro video cards are dropping like flies, but Apple has a plan to help

Apple's new Repair Extension Program addresses the common "distorted video, no video, system instability, freezing, restarts, shut downs," and system startup failures found on the late 2013 Mac Pro.

Google Project Ara tablet rumors and news

Google's Project Ara lets you swap out components of your smartphone, so you can upgrade just the camera, for example, instead of buying a new phone outright. But we could be seeing a tablet first -- a device with a 13.8-inch display has…