Meet Geekbox, a tiny PC built for streaming that runs Android and Ubuntu

If you're stuck deciding between a new PC to freshly install Linux on and an Android tablet, Chinese Internet retailer Geekbuying may have just the solution with its forthcoming Geekbox hardware.

RPG-brawler Dragon Quest Heroes coming to Steam in December

Square Enix's RPG-inspired beat-'em-up Dragon Quest Heroes is coming to PC platforms via Steam by the end of the year, and players eager to join the brawl can purchase the game prior to its release at a discount for a limited time.
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Asus Zenbook UX305CA Review

Asus achieves Ultrabook enlightenment with the near-perfect Zenbook UX305
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Meet the app experts say ISIS used to send secret messages

Having great technology can attract despicable attention, which is what happened to Telegram, a free Android, iOS, desktop, and Web app whose "Secret Chat” function was apparently utilized by terrorists associated with extremist group…

Nvidia’s Pascal will take video memory to a whole new level

Nvidia's next-generation Pascal GPU architecture is going to massively increase the available bandwidth to GPUs, leveraging HBM2 to improve high end cards to levels that far exceed even that offered by AMD's Fury line.

Comcast targets cord cutters with data cap dodging Stream TV

Comcast's latest attempt to woo cord cutters is a streaming TV service offered exclusive to its Internet-only customers, which allows users to dodge the company's often-criticized data caps.

Intel's 10-core monster planned for Q2 2016 debut, according to new leak

If a leaked roadmap from Intel is accurate, Broadwell-E CPUs will be available in the early summer of 2016, with the Kaby Lake and Apollo Lake SoC coming later in the year.

Take to the virtual skies with these 6 free flight simulators

You don't have to spend your paycheck to become a virtual ace pilot when it comes to flight simulation. Here are our picks for the best free flight simulators so you can unleash your inner Maverick or Iceman, regardless if you're running…

Cirque du Soleil is using VR to put you on stage in its latest production 1:58

Virtual reality is shaping up to, potentially, be the next big revolution in tech. Now Cirque du Soleil, the world famous theater company, has decided to explore the medium.

Knights Landing to bring 72 compute cores to workstations next year

Intel's new Knights Landing is a super-computing component that's being brought to workstations in 2016. It provides an incredible 72 cores combined with 15GB of on-board MCDRAM.