Gaming the grind: How to level efficiently in World of Warcraft

The latest expansion for 'World of Warcraft' is out, and people are returning to Azeroth in droves. Whether you're trying it for the first time, or you're returning after being out of the loop, here's how to power through the levels.

Lenovo's touch keyboard/tablet combo, the Yoga Book, now available to pre-order

Lenovo has opened up pre-orders for its unique Yoga Book 2-in-1 tablet. This device comes packed with a second touchscreen for typing and writing, eliminating the need for a standard physical keyboard and keeping the closed unit super thin.

Here are 5 features that will make you upgrade to MacOS Sierra

Apple's latest operating system, MacOS Sierra, promises an array of new tools and features. Here are five of our favorites, from Siri and Auto Unlock to the shared, Universal Clipboard.

From hot rods to budget sleepers, our favorite desktops can handle anything

Laptops are overrated! Experience the benefits offered by one of our favorite desktop PCs, whether you're in need of a budget solution or a fire-breathing, $4,000 premium gaming rig.
Virtual Reality

Hopeful Martians can now visit the Red Planet via Microsoft's HoloLens

NASA's Kennedy Space Center in Florida is currently hosting Destination: Mars, an exhibit that uses Microsoft's HoloLens to send visitors to the Red Planet. It's part of the center's general admission, but visitors are required to…

How to update to MacOS Sierra when it launches on September 20

After months of developer builds and sneak peaks, MacOS Sierra is finally here and within your reach. The update is pretty straightforward, but there are a couple extra steps you should keep in mind before taking the plunge.

Multiple FTP servers owned by the U.S. government were accessed by a teen hacker

A report has surfaced claiming that a teen hacker broke into an FTP server owned by the U.S. government that contains information for many other servers. The hacker gained access to social security numbers, credit card numbers, and…

NYPD computer system can't report on evidence, cash, or other seized property

An evidence and property system built to track of evidence and seized cash and other property for the New York Police Department crashes when queried. According to officials, the only alternative is to check half a million invoices annually…

Forget Asimov's Three Laws, the U.K. issues official ethics guidance on robots

Forget Isaac Asimov's Three Laws of Robotics -- the British Standards Institution, which is the U.K.’s national standards body, has just produced its first set of official ethical robot guidelines.

Finnish police: Keep your smart car keys in the fridge to freeze out hackers

Police in Finland have advised drivers to keep their smart car keys in the fridge to reduce the risk of their locking signal being intercepted by hackers wanting to enter their cars.

Gamers outperform both scientists and algorithms in protein-folding race

As part of a contest which featured scientists, undergraduates, algorithms and specifically made programs, gamers came out on top and helped discover a brand new branch of proteins which help stop plaque formation.

Hackers are playing Crysis on remote business computers, and it’s not a fun game

Hackers are currently using ransomeware called Crysis to encrypt files on business PCs through Remote Desktop. It has the ability to travel across the network, potentially landing on a file server and holding its contents for ransom.