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Nvidia dominating in add-in graphics card market, AMD floundering

While there might be some disagreement on the numbers, Nvidia is certainly the king of the add-in graphics card market, as two different research companies have suggested its share is more than 75 percent.


Intel unveils ultra-small 5×5 board at IDF 2015

Intel seems to be targeting the new wave of ultra-small devices with the 5x5, a diminutive board that has the specifications and the size to offer new opportunities to manufacturers.


Quantum computing is a major threat to crypto, says the NSA

In a new advisory, the NSA has recommended the development of new post-quantum algorithms to combat quantum computing, which could render current cryptography standards obsolete.


Inexpensive, modular One Laptop Infinity can now be reserved

Seeing a digital divide growing between the haves and the have nots of the world, Australian group One Education is building a new durable, modular laptop that's priced low enough that almost anyone can afford one.


Batman: Arkham Knight interim PC patch is finally coming in a ‘few weeks’

The PC version of Batman: Arkham Knight still hasn't returned to store shelves months after being pulled, but at least for those who already own the game, another patch is coming in a "few weeks."


Bumper Microsoft event with new Surface and Lumia hardware rumored for October

Rumors say Microsoft has got plenty of new Surface and Lumia hardware to show off, and it's apparently going to do so at a bumper event in October. Flagship Lumia phones, the Surface Pro 4, and even the Microsoft Band 2 are all possible.


Intel shows us its vision for 2-in-1 ultrabooks in the future

Intel is showing off its interesting 2-in-1 computer design that includes an E-Ink display on the back of the screen.


Acer’s 27-inch 1440p gaming monitor makes you pay for quality

The Acer XB270HU packs tons of features into a 1440p display, but can it overcome the high price tag, or are you better off making the jump to 4K?

  • Pros: 1440p panel with 144Hz refresh rate , Excellent color…
  • Cons: Only one DisplayPort , Mediocre contrast , Very expensive

Cities: Skylines gets its first expansion on September 24

Announced at Gamescom earlier this month, publisher Paradox Interactive has revealed an official release date for Cities: Skylines After Dark. A console version is also currently in development, with the game set to hit Xbox One first.


Deal with dungeons AND dragons in GoG’s big Forgotten Realms game dump

The repository of everything that is DRM free in the gaming world, GoG, has added a number of new Dungeons and Dragons experiences from gaming's history, giving us access to 13 new campaigns from the Forgotten Realms.


How to check if an account was exposed in the Ashley Madison hack

Hackers dumped account information surrounding 33 million Ashley Madison users earlier today. Curious if you, or someone you know, was revealed in the cyber-attack? Here's how to find out.


Windows Hello can recognize the difference between identical twins

As it stands, passwords seem like a relatively weak defence against hackers and nefarious individuals. But could facial recognition in Windows Hello open us up to new attacks from nosy siblings? Not so according to a new demo.


Lightning strikes twice, twice — and Google Compute Engine loses data

Google has released an incident report detailing data loss suffered at a facility in Belgium following four successive lightning strikes to the local power grid.


Intel supports AMD in surprise adaptive-sync endorsement

A key Intel employee has hinted that Intel may begin supporting DisplayPort Adaptive Sync, the standard that also powers AMD's FreeSync. This could lead to better standardization of frame synchronization throughout computing.


Jeb Bush supports NSA expansion and opposes encryption

Jeb Bush spoke up in favor of the NSA, saying he would support its expansion. He also criticized tech companies for not providing access to encrypted data. He argued that data collection helps keep Americans safe.