Apple reportedly pulling legacy MacBook Pro from stores in step toward new release

Apple is reportedly clearing its retail stores of its oldest, non-Retina MacBook Pro machine. The move could be part of preparations to reorganize its laptop line-up, with an all-new MacBook Pro expected to land toward the end of the year.
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Twitter is about to optimize your images and videos with its latest acquisition

Twitter has acquired machine learning startup Magic Pony Technology to improve visuals, including images, videos, and live-streams on its platform. The London-based startup's team will now be integrated into Twitter's AI department.

India’s new rules might make it easier for Apple to (finally) open stores in the country

The Indian government has announced it's relaxing its local sourcing rules that companies needed to follow if they wanted an official retail presence in the country. The rule changes could pave the way for Apple Stores.

New Chromebooks from Lenovo and HP are incoming for back-to-school shoppers

New, unannounced Chromebooks from Lenovo and HP have been spotted, the latter of which appeared in an official document stored on the company's website.

Donald Trump says ‘no thanks’ to using a smartphone and email

While we previously thought that Donald Trump might use both a Samsung and iPhone, new reports suggest he may not carry a smartphone at all. So how does he send all those tweets? Great question!

Microsoft’s Groove Music takes a hint from Spotify for its newest feature

Taking a hint from Spotify and other services, Microsoft's underdog Groove Music has added smart playlist features in the latest preview build now available to Windows Insiders.

Microsoft crowns its Edge browser the winner over Chrome in a battery life battle

A series of battery tests by Microsoft's Web Platform Team team show the company's browser, Edge, beating Chrome and the rest of the competition. The results are consistent with third-party findings.

Google's DeepMind division teaches a digital ant-like creature to play soccer

DeepMind's artificial intelligence division can now add another accomplishment to its already lengthy roster: the ability to teach itself 'ant soccer.' The feat's thanks to processing improvements and a new method of reinforcement.
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Here's the most efficient route for a road trip through the lower 48 states

“If you’ve ever used Google Maps to get the directions between two addresses, that’s basically what we have to do here,” Olson notes. “Except this time, we need to look up 2,256 directions to get the ‘true’ distance between…

Leaked Intel roadmap confirms Kaby Lake S should make an appearance at CES 2017

A leaked Intel roadmap shows when its Kaby Lake S CPUs will likely hit the streets, seemingly confirming a CES 2017 reveal. It doesn't list mobile processors, but shows the Series 200 chipset going into quality sampling later this summer.

China edges past U.S. for the first time in top supercomputer rankings

For the first time, the Top500 listing of the most powerful supercomputers in the world features more systems of Chinese origin than those that came from the United States.

Samsung’s new solid-state drive hits 1TB mark, ships out next week

Next week marks the first time that Samsung has made a 1TB-plus NVME M.2 Solid-state drive available, and it's quite a doozy. Featuring the new Samsung Polaris controller, its specifications are stupendous without the price tag breaking the…