23 common HTC Vive problems and how to fix them

Are errors and bugs getting in the way of your VR experience with the HTC Vive? To help you troubleshoot and solve common HTC Vive problems, we've created an easy guide covering potential audio issues, syncing, and the like.
Virtual Reality

Big screen app could make VR the best place to host LAN parties

Getting yourself to a virtual LAN party will be easier than ever before when BigScreen finally launches on Steam this Thursday. After two years of work, the developers have created a collaborative gaming space that anyone can enjoy in VR.

Cliffy B: Watching Gears of War 4 is like seeing an ex

Stepping away from any labor of love is difficult, so now that Cliff Blezinski is over at Boss Key making Law Breakers, all he can do is look back at Microsoft's Gears of War 4 and hope it doesn't screw things up.

Blizzard comments on why it shut down Nostalrius fan server

If you don't protect your intellectual property when you can, the law might not be on your side when you need to. That seems to be the case with Blizzard and the fan-run World of Warcraft server Nostalrius, which the publisher recently shut…

480TB of storage in a single chassis: check out the Backblaze Pod 6.0

Need some extra storage? You can build a 480TB server, if you really want to. Backblaze designed it, and open sourced the hardware, so anyone crazy enough to try can buy the parts and get started.

Asus wants your rig to be Beyond VR Ready to unlock its true potential

The new Beyond VR Ready program from Asus seeks to help users build a PC that's capable of delivering the best VR experience possible, rather than just fulfilling minimum specs.

Snowden accused of accelerating adoption of encryption

Director of National Intelligence James Clapper has made claims that Jonathan Snowden's whistleblowing and public release of national security data accelerated encryption development and distribution by many years.

AMD’s new dual-GPU card is here, but it’s not built for gamers

AMD is finally ready to unleash the Radeon Pro Duo to VR developers, with a lofty $1,500 price tag, and and a pair of Fiji GPUs at the wheel. Is this the card that puts AMD back on top?

Busy? Readism tells you how long it takes to read every web article

Want to know whether to read that Web article right now or save it for later? Readism is a new Chrome extension that claims to accurately estimate how long a piece of text will take to read. And it'll even do the same for books.
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Bug bounty hunter scores on Facebook and turns in another hacker

While earning a $10,000 reward in Facebook's bug bounty program, a bug hunter called Orange Tsai discovered evidence another hacker had already been there and left code to exploit staff credentials.

The ‘Year of the Linux desktop’ never came, and it never will

Spotify, Skype, and Flash are all Linux programs that are breaking to various degrees in 2016. Are software companies abandoning the platform? And will efforts like Valve's SteamOS ultimately help at all?
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You can’t buy a HoloLens yet, but it’s already won a design award

The HoloLens isn't available to consumers yet, but that didn't stop the Red Dot committee from recognizing its design. The augmented reality headset from Microsoft won for Product Design, a huge honor.