New ROG Strix GL702VM gaming laptop from Asus is slim, powerful, and stylish

Asus is getting ready to ship the Republic of Gamers Strix GL702VM laptop packing Nvidia's GeForce GTX 1060 graphics chip. The screen supports Nvidia's G-Sync tech, which syncs the displays refresh rate with the graphics chip's output.

New custom overlays make 360Fly action-cam shots look like a video game

Beware, using this software may remind you of your favorite racing video game. A new partnership between 360Fly and RaceRender allows users to upload custom speedometers, track maps, and more to their own 360 footage.

15 useful Google Maps tips and tricks you need to know about

How good are your navigation skills? We've got a delectable menu of Google Maps tips and tricks for you right here, to take the pain out of your trips. Go from newbie to mapping master with this guide.

Lenovo confirms and denies locking Linux operating systems out of Yoga notebooks

Lenovo has reportedly locked some of their popular Yoga notebooks, preventing users from installing Linux. Statements from the company have been contradictory, sparking a debate on both sides.

Samsung’s stick-shaped ‘960’ SSDs can make your desktop or laptop crazy fast

Samsung launched two new M.2-class stick-shaped 960 Series SSDs to boost the performance of a laptop or desktop. They are based on Samsung's stacked V-NAND technology and will be made available sometime in Octobver starting at $130.

Close to the Metal Ep. 13: Does MacOS Sierra prove Apple doesn’t care about the Mac?

Apple's newest version of Mac OS X - sorry, MacOS - offers a few interesting new features, including Siri. But is it enough to restore faith in Mac fanatics?

You can hack almost any iPhone with just $100 worth of electronics

Turns out you don't need the resources of the U.S. government to hack an iPhone. A Cambridge researcher demonstrated an exploit the requires just $100 worth of off-the-shelf equipment.

Every GTX 1070/1080 sold comes with a free ‘Gears of War 4’ on PC, Xbox One

Gears of War 4 is now free for anyone buying Nvidia GTX 1070 or 1080 graphics cards. The new title offers support for 4K gaming, so both Microsoft and Nvidia want to use it to showcase what the new generation of GPUs can do.
Virtual Reality

Oculus Touch costs even more in the U.K., which may negate Rift’s price advantage

A leaked retail listing for the Oculus Rift's Touch Controller pack which includes a second tracking camera, has been listed online at 200 euros, or $225. If true, this means the Rift could end up more expensive than the HTC Vive.

AT&T Project AirGig to provide multi-gigabit wireless internet using power lines

Testing won't start till 2017, but AT&T sees Project AirGig technology as a way to bring ultra-fast wireless connectivity to any device. AirGig employs millimeter wave signals regenerated along power lines.

Mozilla launches Firefox 49 with better Reader Mode, offline viewing for Android

Firefox 49 has been released with improvements to Reader Mode and multi-process support, which is being rolled out to more users, and also sees the end of Firefox Hello. The Android version has added offline viewing.

Man used fake mobile boarding passes to live in airport lounges for 18 days

It wasn't quite Tom Hanks in The Terminal, but there were a few similarities. Malaysian Raejali Buntut recently spent 18 days living at Singapore's main international airport, though the way he went about it has just landed him with a…