Digital Storm targets high-end gamers with its first Steam Machine

The first Steam Machine from gaming PC manufacturer Digital Storm - the Bolt II - caters to power gamers with a love for high-end specs. The small form factor, liquid-cooled PC starts at $1,899 and will be available this month.

LG announces Chromebase, an All-in-One PC using Google’s Chrome OS

Looking to capitalize on the slowly growing popularity of Google Chrome OS, LG plans to launch an All-in-One PC called the Chromebase which offers a 21.5-inch IPS monitor with 1080p resolution.

Nvidia’s Tegra K1 might not make sense for mobile, but what about PCs?

Nvidia's new K1 chip lacks LTE support, and as such it seems another miss in the smartphone market. The company's chances in the market for low-cost PCs and convertibles look better, but can Nvidia really fight off Intel's Atom?

Alienware, Origin among more than a dozen third-party Steam Machines vendors

Alienware and Origin are among the 12 third-party hardware manufacturers that are confirmed to be partnered with Valve to release living room-focused Steam Machine gaming PCs in 2014.

HP reveals a slew of notebooks and desktops at CES 2014

Moments ago here at CES 2014, HP took the veil off an armada of new laptops and desktops, big and small, of multiple form factors. Read on to learn more about what HP has in store for the computing world this year here.

Seagate and LaCie debut new external, wireless drives

Hard drive companies Seagate and LaCie have announced several new external hard drives and as well as a wireless storage device intended for use with iPad, Apple TV and Mac. Read on to learn more.

New Lenovo all-in-ones and monitors arrive at CES 2014

Lenovo has introduced several new all-in-ones at CES 2014 including the N308, which runs Android, and the Horizon II, which features a 2560x1440 touchscreen and a powerful Intel Core processor. Read on to learn more here.

Lenovo sends a swarm of new convertibles and laptops to CES 2014

Lenovo has unleashed a torrent of new and revised laptops, convertibles and more at CES 2014, including a new 10" detachable tablet PC that starts at just $499. Read on to learn more here.

What to expect from Intel, Microsoft, Valve and other PC players at CES 2014

Traditional PCs are no longer the most talked-about topic at the Consumer Electronics Show, but there are a few companies that could make waves in computing at this year show. Here's what to expect.
Product Review

Acer TravelMate TMP645-MG-9419 Review

Acer TravelMate TMP645-MG-9419 Review.

Surface Pro 2 firmware update release date: January 14?

According to one forum post on the official Microsoft forums, Redmond will release a new firmware update for their Surface Pro 2 slate less than a couple of weeks from now. Read on to learn more.

Microsoft upgrades Surface Pro 2 tablet’s CPU with nary a peep of an announcement

You would think that Microsoft would at least make some sort of announcement about a significant upgrade to its Surface Pro 2 tablet. Instead, they remained mum after swapping out the existing CPU for a newer one.