Google lets Wi-Fi hotspot owners opt out of location database

Run a Wi-Fi hotspot and don't want it used as a reference point in Google's mammoth location services for mobile users? Now you've got options.

Apple set to enjoy record Mac sales

Apple is on track to sell a record number of Mac PCs this quarter, according to recent estimates.

Apple rumor: 15-inch MacBook Air due in March 2012

Apple is said to have a 15-inch MacBook Air (or ultra-thin MacBook Pro) in the works, set for a March debut.
Product Review

Acer Aspire S3 Review

Acer Aspire S3 Review.

AMD ships 16-core Opteron CPUs

Thought your quad-core desktop CPU was cutting edge? AMD has managed to pack a stunning 16 cores onto one chip with the Opteron 6200 CPU, and supercomputer builders across the world are lining up to get them.
Android Army

Lenovo plans hybrid Android ThinkPad X1 laptop, $800 Ultrabook, and quad-core tablet

Three new Lenovo rumors and newsbits: a quad-core tablet on the way, a Windows laptop with an Android mode, and an $800 Ultrabook next May.

Weekly Rewind: Adobe kills Flash for mobile, B&N fights Fire with Nook, Apple finally fixes iOS 5 battery life

This week Adobe made a surprising announcement about the fate of Flash for mobile, Apple released an update to deal with battery life complaints, and Barnes & Noble took aim at Amazon and the Fire with a new Nook tablet.

Judge rules Twitter must hand over info in Wikileaks probe

A federal judge has ruled that Twitter must disclose information about three account holders as part of the Justice Department's ongoing investigation into Wikileaks.

Obama Orders federal agencies to cut back on mobile devices, vehicles, and printing

President Obama has issued an Executive Order, forcing government agencies to reduce the amount they spend on travel, printing, swag, and vehicles by utilizing technology more efficiently.

Why and how education needs to evolve

In an age where information is at our fingertips and student loans are threatening to topple our unstable economic state, isn't it time the higher education system found a way to adapt?

Adobe abandoned mobile flash, but who killed it?

Adobe is abandoning Flash development for mobile devices, opting instead to focus on HTML5 authoring tools. But what really killed Flash for mobile: Apple's iOS...or Microsoft?

The FCC partners with private companies to bring affordable Internet to low income families

A new attempt to connect the country will gift low-income families with inexpensive Internet and new PCs.