AMD reveals next-gen processors for tablets and laptops, but can they compete with Haswell?

AMD has taken the wraps off its next-gen line of APUs, which span products from low-power tablets to mid-range workstation laptops. The company promises major improvements in graphics performance, but how will the new parts stand up against…
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Acer Aspire R7 Review

Acer Aspire R7 Review.

MSI unleashes GX70 and GX60, first gaming notebooks with AMD Richland A10 processors

The MSI GX70 and the MSI GX60 are the first in the world powered by the new AMD Richland A10-5750M processor, which increases visual performance by 40 percent compared to previous processor generations.

The new Kinect will eventually watch you from a PC

Two Microsoft executives independently confirmed that the next-gen Kinect sensor will eventually arrive on Windows PC. Details are nonexistent, but one promised that more will be revealed "soon."

Microsoft scores $400M deal with NFL, coaches to use Surface tablets during games

Microsoft will be supplying Surface tablets to NFL coaches and players so they can review e-playbooks and watch instant replays rather than look at paper-based signs and Polaroids during games.

‘Okay, Google’: Voice search goes live with latest version of Chrome

The "conversational search" feature that Google demoed at I/O is now available with version 27 of the Chrome browser, which lets you use your voice to search the Web and Google will speak its answers back to you.

Designed in California, made in America: Apple to build new Macs in Texas

Soon enough, Texas will be known for more than black gold, barbecue, cowboys, and George W. Bush. In yesterday’s Senate hearing to talk about Apple's overseas tax loopholes, CEO Tim Cook announced the company is investing $100 million for…
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Epson Expression Premium XP-800 Review

Epson Expression Premium XP-800 Review.

By 2017 there will almost be as many smartphones as literate adults

A new study shows that PC sales and usage are remaining level, while demand and use of mobile devices is rising exponentially. In a few years, mobile usage will be on par with literacy.

Google brings Chrome OS App Launcher to OS X, download the beta now

The beta Chrome app launcher is now available on Mac OS X, which is designed for users who want to access Google apps like Gmail, Drive and the Google Play store directly from their desktop.

How a Dutch pop band turned us all into cursor zombies … in the name of art!

We chat with Dutch band Light Light and design studio Moniker about their crowdsourced vision of the impeding disappearance of the mouse cursor, as well as what the touchscreen revolution means for the intersection of design, tech, and…

Dell’s sub-$100 Project Ophelia USB-sized PC ships this summer

Dell's Android-based mini-PC Project Ophelia turns every screen with a HDMI socket into a computer. It'll be rolling out to developers in July, then to consumers later this summer.