Who needs gestures? Tobii’s eye-tracking sensor returns to CES

While many companies look for motion control to be the next big thing, Tobii remains adamant that its eye-tracking technology is superior. The company has announced a partnership with SteelSeries to sell a device this summer and has slashed…

Hands on: Intel RealSense 3D

Intel seems to believe its RealSense 3D camera, which is headed to ultrabooks and tablets later this year, will change the way we interact with PC. That might be possible – but first, Intel has to make the camera work.

Hands on: Toshiba Satellite P55t

The wave of 4K laptops has begun to crash ashore, but many models boasting it are Ultrabooks. Toshiba has taken a different tack, throwing the technology into a mainstream 15.6-inch desktop replacement. But does it make for a good laptop?

Asus M70 charges your phone or tablet wirelessly, won’t shut down when the power cuts out

The Asus M70 isn't the average desktop PC. Asus claims that it's the world's first desktop to include NFC, which grants it some interesting features you wouldn't expect on a traditional computer. Read on to learn more.

Hands on: LG Tab-Book 2

LG’s Tab-Book 2 is the company’s newest sliding convertible PC. Two models are available, one with a Core i5 CPU, the other with an Atom processor. Both promise strong performance for their size, but other issues drag the Tab-Book 2…

Hands on: Sony Vaio Fit 11A

Sony is extending its line of Flip convertibles with the new Fit 11, a tiny, portable, and versatile tablet PC. The price of $799 is a bit higher than Lenovo’s 11-inch Yoga 2, however, and the flexible hinge adds unwanted bulk.

Razer introduces the never-ending computer, Project Christine

Razer once again goes big for CES, and debuts a modular computer that can be upgraded on the fly. Dubbed "Project Christine," the prototype system is still a long way away from release, but it has people talking.

Gigabyte Brix Pro, a powerful PC in a pint-sized package

Gigabyte announced here at CES 2014 that it will be offering its Brix Pro small form factor desktop PC as a barebones PC, including a CPU but no RAM or storage, which builders can use to customize their rig. Read on to learn more here.

Hands on: Toshiba Chromebook

Toshiba’s first Chromebook is also the first 13.3-inch laptop to use Google’s Chrome OS. Most other specifications are mundane, but a fair price and long battery life could make it a solid option.

BlackBerry finally announces the Passport, and it’s coming exclusively to AT&T

BlackBerry has finally shown off the Passport smartphone, a device described as "iconic" by CEO John Chen.

Hands on: LG Ultra PC

LG has revealed its new Ultra PC, the company’s high-end ultrabook for 2014, at CES. Though this system has a 13.3” display, weight has somehow been reduced to 2.16 pounds, which means the Ultra PC feels almost unrealistically light…

MSI unleashes an armada of revamped gaming notebooks at CES 2014

MSI took the wraps off a bunch of new gaming notebooks at CES 2014. With prices that range from roughly $900 to upwards of $2,000, there's something for almost every budget here. Read on to learn more.