Windows 8 upgrade tips you’ll wish you knew before the leap

Learn before you leap with tips from a Windows 8 vet who’s been there, done that. And messed it up a few times along the way.

Researchers developing WiFox router software, could boost public Wi-Fi by 700 percent

If you've ever been frustrated when the wireless gets hosed at a crowded cafe, then take heart! WiFox could stop heavy use from slowing your connection.

Lenovo announces space-saving IdeaCentre Q190 desktop and 7 new C-series AIOs

Lenovo updates its entry-level C-series line of all-in-ones with seven new machines, and also adds the strikingly slim Q190.

Why did the man behind Windows jump ship, and who’s left to steer?

What does Steven Sinofsky's abrupt departure from Microsoft mean for Windows…and the way the company will compete with Apple and Google?

Microsoft faces class action lawsuit over the Surface’s lack of usable memory

Microsoft faces a class action lawsuit over the true memory capacity of its Surface tablet, after a disgruntled buyer found out the hard way that there's only 16GB of usable memory on the 32GB model.

Launch of new iMacs may be delayed till 2013, report says

Waiting to get your hands on one of Apple's new iMacs? Well, it seems like you might have to wait a little longer than expected.

Samsung SSD commercial featuring Overly Attached Girlfriend gets over 1 million views

Making solid-state drives sound interesting is an advertiser's Everest. However, Samsung's latest ad for its SSD 840 series made us chuckle thanks to Internet star Laina Walker, the Overly Attached Girlfriend.

Barnes & Noble announces free Nook app for Windows 8

Microsoft and Barnes & Noble have teamed up to offer Windows 8 users a free Nook app for books, magazines, newspapers, and comics.
Product Review

Dell XPS 12 Review

Dell XPS 12 Review.

Maingear’s new Nomad 15 portable gaming laptop boasts impressive specs

Maingear's new portable gaming laptop, the Nomad 15, is proof that powerful machines with impressive specs don't have to be live on your desk.

Can Chrome 23 really improve laptop battery life by 25 percent?

Google believes its updated version of Chrome is so good it can increase battery life by 25 percent. We were a bit skeptical, so we put it to the test ourselves.

SugarSync 2.0 makes Dropbox look outdated

Dropbox has enjoyed a place at the front of the consumer cloud storage pack for quite some time. But with today's launch of SugarSync 2.0, Dropbox better keep its eye on the rear-view, because SugarSync might now have what it takes to jump…