Cheer up, Larry! Why the Google CEO’s rousing I/O speech rang a little false

Google CEO Larry Page has confessed negativity and lack of collaboration in the technology world saddens him. But let's not forget Google can harsh some mellows too.

If you thought Google Glass is dorky, check out what early prototypes looked like

It was a long process to make Google Glass look the way it does now, and after seeing these early prototype photos, you'll be thankful that Google took that time to make it look like a real gadget.

Hands on: Are Google’s new photo editing features a gimmick, or powerful software in disguise?

Despite Google's amazing claims, its new additions to Google+ photography won't take all the manual labor out of sorting and correcting your photos. We went hands on to put the features through their paces.

Surface Pro gets May 23 UK release date, starts at £719

Almost a year after it was first announced by Microsoft and just over three months since it hit stores in the US, consumers in the UK interested in the Surface Pro tablet will at last be able to get their mitts on the device from next week…

Belkin’s Dyle Mobile TV Receiver brings network TV to the iPad, no Internet required

Want to watch broadcast TV on your iPad or iPhone but don't want to stream over the Internet? A new antenna from Belkin captures digital airwaves without the need for Wi-Fi or mobile broadband via the Dyle TV service. But is this setup…

Larry Page talks about innovations, interoperation, technology in Google I/O keynote

Google CEO Larry Page made a rare public appearance at Google I/O this year and held an impromptu Q&A with questions coming from developers and press in the audience. He talked about everything from self-driving cars to negativity in the…

Dell slashes price of XPS 10 Windows RT tablet by $150, base model now starts at $300

Dell is now selling its XPS 10 Windows RT tablet for $300 via its online store. This is $150 less than its original price of $450, although the 4G LTE version retains its $500 price point.

Google expands voice search to Chrome on your computer

Google introduces hands-free "conversational search" to desktops and laptops with the Chrome Web browser, Google Now integration and four new languages to the Knowledge Graph at Google I/O 2013.

Next-gen Google Maps brings better imagery, tailored results, and more

Today at Google I/O, we were blown away by the new version of Google Maps. It is launching today by invite only for the desktop and includes more detailed directions, social network integration, and tons of 3D images.

Google Glass Explorer Edition is too secure to make easy repairs

Google Glass Explorer Edition has proven to be constructed so sturdily that accessing the main circuits is seemingly impossible to do without damaging the outer casing.

Google challenges Spotify with all-you-can-listen subscription music service

The much anticipated Google music subscription service launched at Google I/O today for the expected price with the expected features. All Access blends your existing music catalog with Google's for seamless auto-playlists and streaming.

Leaked Google Maps sign-up page gives glimpse of what’s to come at Google I/O

The leaked Google Maps sign-up page hints of full-screen maps, smarter search results, Google Earth integration, and route comparison tool. Was this page just a tease or are these features for real?