Google adds a desktop to Chrome OS: Is it innovation or backpedaling?

Google's Chrome OS has always prioritized simplicity, but now Google has added the ability to use multiple resizable windows, just like a normal desktop OS. Does it offer more power, or is it just a blast from the past?

Best Buy CEO resigns: Struggling retailer begins searching for a savior

Best Buy has announced that its CEO Brian Dunn has resigned. Now, as it hunts for someone new, we wonder just what it might take to turn the electronics retailer around in the age of Amazon.

Toshiba revamps All-in-One PCs: Windows 8 ready, with fast capacitive touch like your phone

Toshiba has unveiled a revamped All-in-One PC with a 1080p capacitive touchscreen and Windows 8 compatibility. Specs and our impressions.

Philips creates computer monitor that corrects posture, encourages breaks

Since people are spending more hours in front of computer monitors each year, Philips has developed a new technology designed to encourage healthy behavior while staring at the screen.
Android Army

Don’t like Google? Don’t use it! An unlikely ally speaks up on antitrust allegations

As cries of a Google monopoly grow louder, legal scholar Robert Bork has piped in with an easy answer to Google critics: Stop using Google. Is it really that simple, or is ignoring the Mountain View giant easier said than done?

New York to replace payphones with 32-inch touchscreens

The city of New York is finally moving ahead with a pilot program to replace 250 of its payphones with "smart" touchscreens that can display useful information to those on the go around the city.

Department of Homeland Security contract seeks to ‘hack’ game consoles to obtain user data

The Department of Homeland Security has enlisted a San Francisco company to help crack open the encrypted data in consoles, which it claims may hold key evidence in cases ranging from the exploitation of children to terrorism.

Armageddon-proof backup plans for your irreplaceable files

OK, maybe thermonuclear war will still annihilate your priceless Ramones bootlegs, but a simple and inexpensive 3-2-1 backup plan can ensure your most valuable files survive whatever you do.

Half-Byte Loader creator talks homebrew and Sony’s fight against pirates on Vita

A prominent member of the PSP homebrew community discusses Vita after Sony pulled games from its network to block hackers and homebrewers alike.

This is what full Windows 8 Metro applications may look like

While users have been testing out Windows 8 Consumer Preview, XGMedia redesigned Skype to give future users an idea about what Windows 8 apps will look like, and the design principals behind Metro.

Flashback botnet: The end of the Mac’s malware immunity?

A new variant on Flashback malware exploits a Java vulnerability to install on Macs without any user interaction. Who's vulnerable, how can Mac owners protect themselves, and what does this mean for the future of Mac malware?

Polycom joins Right To Play to connect kids and teachers around the world

Polycom Foundation and Right to Play join forces to offer children affected by war, disease, poverty, and other adverse situations the chance to connect with leaders around the world to help them learn new skills and sports.