Asus Ultrabooks, now dubbed Zenbooks, go on sale October 12

The UX21 and UX31 Zenbooks will offer speedy bootup, long battery life and ultra-thin profiles.

This time, Zune is actually dead

After some back and forth, Microsoft might actually stick to its guns and discontinue the Zune.

91 percent of kids play video games, says study

NPD reports that 91 percent of kids ages 2-17 are playing video games, up 12.58 percent from two years ago. Much of this growth has been fueled by kids ages 2-5 and smartphones.

Inside HP’s laptop torture chambers

Peek inside the dungeon labs where HP subjects its rugged EliteBooks to drops, electric shocks and plumes of salty fog – to make sure they’re ready for more than just the boardroom.
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Dell Vostro V131 Review

Dell Vostro V131 Review.

Acer Aspire S3 Ultrabook arrives October 16 at $899

Acer's first "ultrabook" is the slim-and-light Aspire S3: under 3 pounds with an Intel Core i5 CPU, 13.3-inch display, 4 GB of RAM, a 320 GB hard drive plus an SSD...and an $899.99 starting price.

Do Ultrabooks stand a chance, or are they destined for failure?

Intel thinks 40 percent of consumer laptops will be Ultrabooks by the end of 2012. What is an Ultrabook, and why would consumers embrace it so fervently?

Steve Jobs: The godfather of fonts as we know them

The Apple co-founder's early interest in calligraphy transformed into a devotion that turned typography into a consumer-friendly expression.

How Steve Jobs changed everything, and what we’ll miss without him

As everyone remembers Steve Jobs fondly, we take a look back at how he's changed computers, phones, movies, music, and almost everything else. What will the world be like now that he's gone?
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Is “Apple Shock” reconstructing the tech industry?

We examine just how the rise of Apple has affected the PC industry.

Intel’s Ultrabook 40 percent market share prediction ‘optimistic,’ says analyst

Intel is hoping that its new category of computer, the Ultrabook, will take 40 percent of the laptop market next year. However, an analyst for market research firm Gap Intelligence has said he doesn't think it'll be possible, while at the…

Bill Gates and Paul Allen react to the death of Steve Jobs

Following the death of Steve Jobs, one time rivals and co-founders of Microsoft, Bill Gates and Paul Allen have issued statements about the Apple co-founder’s death.