Google being probed by US, EU regulators over Safari privacy gaffe

US and European regulators have launched investigations into Google's bypassing of Safari privacy settings to get "+1" buttons in to ads.

SourceForge drops Anonymous-OS, developer still insists it’s safe

The controversial Anonymous-OS software is no longer available for download via SourceForge, following recent reports of security concerns.

Smarter search: Why ‘semantic search’ will finally let Google understand you

Reports have Google working on a major revamp to its search engine to better understand what people want, and give it to them directly. What is semantic search, and is it anything new?

Anonymous-OS is here, but you probably shouldn’t download it

An operating system named Anonymous-OS, complete with a suite of dubious security applications installed, has been made available for download, however it has been accused of also containing viruses designed to compromise the system on…

MacBook Air Pro: Apple to combine notebook lineup, says source

A rumored 15-inch MacBook Air may reveal the future of Apple.
Product Review

HP TouchSmart 520-1070 Review

HP TouchSmart 520-1070 Review.

Can Intel succeed as a pay-TV provider?

Reports have Intel in talks to offer live television programming via the Internet. But is the company ready to take on a consumer-facing business?

New iPad preorders pushed up to three weeks, opportunists overcharge on eBay

With the release of the new iPad rapidly approaching at the end of the week, demand for the product has already spiked online and is causing delays in shipment as well as inflated prices on eBay.

Acer announces new eco-friendly S series LCD monitors

Five new Acer monitors from the S series range from $139 to $329, giving consumers the option to own quality display screens for any modest budget.

PC deathwatch: Cloud to replace personal computers by 2014, says study

A new report by Gartner offers a compelling argument for the death of the PC — or more accurately — the rise of the cloud.
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Does Google feel pain from its PR blunders? Yes and no

Google's weighted search results and revamped privacy policy have rankled Internet users, but is Google feeling any pain? Or do we just keep using it anyway?