Windows 9 rumored for next year, Windows 10 to be ‘cloud OS’

Windows 8 is approaching its one-year birthday, but rumors about the next version of Windows are already trickling in, including details about Windows 9, as well as Windows 10, which is rumored to be a full cloud OS.

Microsoft Surface Pro $100 price cut is now permanent

After temporarily cutting the price of the Surface Pro, Microsoft has made the price cut permanent, slashing $100 off of the Windows-based tablet, now costing only $800 for the entry-level model.

Parallels Access iPad app lets you control your PC or Mac, is hard cheese for Microsoft

Parallels launched the Access iPad app, which allows users to control their Windows and Mac computers from their iPad. It's price is a bit steep, but it could put the last nail in the coffin for the Microsoft Surface.

Samsung debuts concept printers that dock with smartphones at 2013 IFA

Ahead of the 2013 IFA show in Berlin, Samsung unveiled three printer concepts, including two that dock with smartphones and a monochrome laser with one color ink. The printers will be shown during the IFA event.
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Samsung ATIV Book 7 Review

Samsung ATIV Book 7 review.

Dell announces flexible new touchscreen monitors

Dell announced three new monitors today available in 20-, 23-, or 27-inches. The touchscreen monitors offer up to Full HD resolution and a unique adjustable stand that allows users to tilt the display up to 60 degrees.

Smithsonian acquires first piece of code with Planetary iPad app

The Smithsonian acquired its first piece of code from an iPad app called Planetary, making it open-source in the hopes that people will use it to create their own unique app experiences.

Dell unveils ‘world’s most secure Ultrabook’ with super slim Latitude 7000 laptop

The first of many laptop announcements to come ahead of IFA, Dell announced new Latitude 7000, 5000, and 3000 series laptops and Ultrabooks due in September and October. Touch, Corning Gorilla Glass NBT, and Haswell processors are all…

Skype achieves video calls with 3D holographic avatars, but don’t hold your breath

How about attending a business meeting at your company where everyone around the table except you is a 3D holographic avatar? If Skype and Microsoft choose to push ahead with their technology, it could become a reality.

Logitech unveils stylish Ultrathin Touch Mouse for PC and Mac

Now here's a lovely looking mouse, one that's stylish, light and ultra-slim. Logitech says it designed the touch-enabled device to complement "the good looks" of Ultrabooks and Mac's laptop computers.

How to make Google your default search engine

Google is a giant when it comes to handling search queries from around the globe, but sometimes setting it as your default search engine takes a little effort. Here is our quick guide on how to set Google as your default search engine no…

Hands on: Foursquare’s Windows 8 app ditches gamification for local discovery

The launch of Foursquare's Windows 8 app may not be that exciting to current Foursquare users, but it's a win for Microsoft as more social media companies begin to start developing for the operating system.