Microsoft’s Surface Windows 8 Pro tablet available February 9 in the US and Canada

Microsoft's Surface Pro tablet and its accessories will hit the market on February 9. The Surface RT will also be released in 13 new markets in the next few weeks.

Leaked manuals show off redesigns of the Lenovo ThinkPad T431 and X230

Leaked images give us an advanced look at the 2013 models of two Lenovo laptops. Take a look at the comparisons below.

Intel celebrates Stephen Hawking’s birthday with personalized silicon wafer

Intel gave Stephen Hawking a very special birthday present and is also working on a project that could help him communicate faster.

Microsoft wants out of the PC game, and its no-show at CES 2013 proves it

Windows 8 was a “Dear John” letter to manufacturers like Acer and Dell, and CES 2013 was the official breakup. Now what?

The Life and Tiles of a Windows 8 Convert: So, I bought a Surface tablet

Despite being somewhat up in the air over Windows 8 in general, Andrew dives deeper into the world of Microsoft and purchases a Surface RT in this week's Life and Tiles of a Windows 8 Convert.
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DT Deals: Freebie! A whole Mac app bundle on the house

Mac users rejoice! Even though our DT Deals are pretty darn good, we felt the need to give away freebies from time to time.

Should you accept Atom in your next PC?

Intel's Atom processor has re-appeared in tablet and convertible PCs. Should you buy a device powered by Atom, or is the chip best left to rest in netbooks?

Mousetrap: Four next-gen controllers that will kill the mouse as we know it

It's high time the mouse met its maker. Up to now, nothing has truly been able to outdo this age-old peripheral. But 2013's tech might change that forever.

Microsoft increases Windows 8 Pro price from $40 to $200 starting February 1

The special introductory price for Windows 8 upgrades will no longer be in effect starting February – and the upgrades' permanent pricing is not exactly wallet-friendly.

iPad sales may be slipping as demand shifts to iPad Mini (or Android)

iPad production rates are down. Is the full-size Apple tablet in trouble?

Report claims Acer may unveil a $99 Chromebox codenamed ‘Kiev’

Google-based machines are still one of the most talked about products in the computing world, and it seems that Acer might be making an inexpensive desktop version of its successful Chromebook.

Forget that password, Google wants to replace it with USB keys and ‘smart rings’

Nobody likes trying to remember a dozen different passwords, but would you trust your personal information to a tiny USB key? Google is hoping yes.