FCC files net neutrality rules, sets stage for legal fight

The FCC has sent its new net neutrality regulations to the Office of Management and Budget - meaning the legal fight is about to get serious.

Visa shuts down WikiLeaks donations via Iceland’s DataCell

For a short time Icelandic hosting company DataCell was able to accept WikiLeaks supporting donations via Visa...but no more.

Internet providers create six-strike policy to combat piracy

Consumers who download illegal music or movies may soon lose Internet speed if they don't pay attention to new warnings from their Internet providers.

Overnights planned for Apple stores July 13; Lion release and MacBook Air refresh likely

According to reports, Apple is planning an overnight shift at its stores next week, indicating that its new Lion operating system, as well as a refresh of the MacBook Air, could be released.

Report: Second quarter ‘one of worst on record’ for online security

Attacks against company and government websites perpetrated by "hacktivist" groups like LulzSec and Anonymous are giving rise to a new era of insecurity on the Internet, according to a new report.

Amazon Cloud Drive gets unlimited music storage, iPad support

Likely responding to recent announcements from Spotify, Apple and Google, Amazon has sweetened the deal for all users of the Amazon Cloud service.

Sleek Gateway ID and NV-series notebooks sport USB 3, HDMI output

Gateway's new ID- and NV-series notebooks offer new designs, second-gen Intel Core processors, HDMI output, USB 3.0, and dedicated social networking tools.

VeriSign gets no competition renewing .net contract

VeriSign will continue operating the .net top-level domain through 2017...and no one else even bothered to bid for t
Android Army

Microsoft patent deal with Wistron covers Android and Chrome

Microsoft has been trying to line up royalties from Android device makers...and its latest deal with gear-maker Wistron covers Google's Chrome OS too.

Cisco: Spammers shifting to targeted attacks

Cisco says the amount of money attackers earn from bulk spam has declined they've shifted towards targeted, personalized attacks.

South Korean school textbooks will be all digital by 2015

South Korea is taking the lead on technology and education, promising to spend $2 billion to convert its entire school system's curriculum and texts to a variety of digital formats by 2015.

Microsoft to power Baidu’s English-language searches

Microsoft has signed a deal with Baidu to power the company's English-language searches - and, presumably, censor them per Chinese government requirements.