Intel reveals 730 Series SSDs, which start at $249, ship March 18, and look pretty metal

Intel just took the wraps off of some its brand new solid state drives. Read on to learn more about the latest in their high-speed storage offerings here.

87 percent of American adults use the ‘net, and other fun Pew Research Center stats

The Pew Research Center has compiled some interesting stats about Internet usage and user opinions. Read on to learn more about the think tank's findings here.

Apple to open new Dayton, Ohio store later on this year

Apple will be opening a brand new store in Dayton, Ohio later this year. Read on to learn more about Cupertino's upcoming retail space here.

Hauppauge unveils new multi-standard TV receiver for Windows, Linux PCs

Want TV on your PC? Hauppauge just announced a new receiver today, which is compatible with multiple North American and European broadcast standards. Read on to learn more here.

UK spies snooped on Yahoo users’ sexy webcam chats

British spies may have naked pictures of you. That's according to the latest Snowden doc reports, which show that the UK’s GCHQ intelligence agency covertly collected snapshots of millions of Yahoo users’ video chats between 2008 and…

You can buy this vacation home for a mere 100 million Dogecoins

Definitely one of the more unique ways to sell a home in a depressed real estate market, a Wisconsin man will accept a payment in Dogecoin instead of a traditional payment in U.S. dollars.
Product Review

Toshiba Kirabook (2014) Review

Toshiba Kirabook (2014) review.

HGST announces Touro S line of external USB 3.0 hard drives

HGST, a Western Digital firm, just announced a brand new line of external storage gear that's powered by USB 3.0. Read on to learn more about the Touro S series of external hard drives here.

Tiny Tango PC can also be configured with Chromium OS, Ubuntu Linux pre-installed

You'll be able to configure the Tango PC with both traditional and alternative operating systems pre-installed. Read on to learn more about what else will be offered, and could be coming down the line here.

360 million online account credentials found on the Web, security firm says

An Internet security firm has indicated that they have uncovered information for hundreds of millions of Web accounts in the last few weeks alone. The information was likely leaked by hackers.

Mt. Gox goes offline leaving Bitcoin investors livid and worried

Hopefully just a temporary blow to the Bitcoin community and future of the digital currency, popular Bitcoin exchange Mt. Gox has completely shut down operations for the near future.
Home Theater

Where’s ours? AT&T, Verizon dogpile on Netflix with requests for cash

Top reps from Verizon and AT&T claim that they too are brokering deals in which Netflix will pay the ISPs fees for faster access to their pipelines. The recent deal between Comcast and Netflix, it seems, was just the beginning. What does…