1TB hard drive prices skyrocket 180 percent due to Thailand floods

With devastating flood waters still covering much of Thailand's key industrial districts, the price of hard drives has already risen as much as 180 percent, according to some observations.

Opinion: Ultrabook first impressions: Thin is in, and finally practical

The Asus Zenbook and fellow Ultrabooks deliver sound performance and battery life from an ultra-thin form factor that has traditionally been rife with sacrifice.

Airline traveler uses Craigslist to track down laptop thief

With technology becoming smaller and thinner, thieves are finding it easier to swipe fancy electronics. However, one victim of theft turned the tables on the criminal with the help of Craigslist.

Microsoft confirms Kinect for Windows, launches official website, releases SDK beta

Microsoft celebrates the one-year Kinect anniversary with a website launch and new beta SDK release for Kinect for Windows.

AMD’s new CEO cuts 1,400 jobs

AMD's new CEO Rory Read has made his first major move: he's chopping 1,400 jobs - about 12% of AMD"s workforce - to cut costs.

Eye-tracking study reveals how and what we gawk at

A new survey from eye-tracking company Miratech yields some interesting results regarding how we give someone the up and down.

HP to release Slate 2 tablet with Windows 7, stylus, for $699

After a rough few months, HP has jumped back into the PC arena with the Windows 7-powered Slate 2 tablet for business.

British high court rules Assange arrest warrant valid

Wikileaks' founder Julian Assange is considering his limited options after the Britain's High Court ruled the arrest warrant was properly issued and executed.

Amtrak rolls out free Wi-Fi for Northeast United States

While traveling by train typically requires a vast amount of time to travel between cities, passengers on Amtrak will be able to pass the time with free Wi-Fi access if traveling along the East coast.

Why Microsoft killed the Courier

The Courier has been dead for awhile, but new insider testimony reveals what exactly went wrong.
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HP TouchSmart 610 Review

HP TouchSmart 610 Review.
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Ubuntu’s going mobile: Will it survive?

The beloved open-source, visual-friendly operating system has announced plans to launch its mobile platform. How will it fare in this increasingly competitive space-and especially against its Linux-brethren, Android?