Intel’s Ultrabook 40 percent market share prediction ‘optimistic,’ says analyst

Intel is hoping that its new category of computer, the Ultrabook, will take 40 percent of the laptop market next year. However, an analyst for market research firm Gap Intelligence has said he doesn't think it'll be possible, while at the…

Bill Gates and Paul Allen react to the death of Steve Jobs

Following the death of Steve Jobs, one time rivals and co-founders of Microsoft, Bill Gates and Paul Allen have issued statements about the Apple co-founder’s death.

Whitman to settle fate of HP’s PC biz this month

New HP CEO Meg Whitman says she'll decide whether HP will really get out of the PC business this month.

Internet Explorer still losing browser share

Internet Explorer's slow decline in browser share continues apace: unless Microsoft keeps marking it as malware, Chrome will hit 20 percent early next year.

Refreshed Sony Vaio S-series notebooks hit the streets

Sony's Vaio S-series notebooks have been refreshed with second-generation Intel Core processors, a new 15.5-inch Vaio SE variant...and they're on sale now.

Google opens its first retail store, located in London

Google has dipped its toe into the world of retail with the opening of a store-within-a-store in London. The Chrome Zone gives customers a chance to get hands-on with its Chromebook laptop, a machine that was up to now only available for…

Italian VoIP firm challenges Microsoft/Skype deal

Italy's Messagenet is challenging Microsoft's $8.5 billion acquisition of Skype in a move to prevent Redmond from bundling Skype with Windows.

Amazon may bring Silk browser to PC, Mac, Android, and Windows Phone

Amazon has registered domain names that indicate it may plan to bring its Silk browser to PC, Mac, Android, and Windows Phone platforms.

IBM overtakes Microsoft to become second-most valuable tech company

After seeing its per-share prices rise for 30 straight quarters, IBM has topped Microsoft to become the second most-valuable technology company in the world.

Firefox 7 tries to slim down and speed up

Yes, it's yet another major release of Firefox, but it promises to use significant less memory and crowd-source performance data for future tweaks.

Video: Anonymous announces global plans

Another new message from Anonymous announces plans to spread the group's movement.

MeeGo killed in favor of Tizen, a new OS backed by Samsung and Intel

With no Nokia to back it, Intel has killed MeeGo. It will ressurect it as 'Tizen,' a new smartphone OS platform it's making with Samsung.