New Mac Pro struggles with spotty 4K monitor support

Apple's new Mac Pro offers beefy graphics hardware, but you may be out of luck if you want to use it with a 4K display - at least for now. Read on to learn more about a flaw in Apple's newest desktop.

TURBOPANDA, RAGEMASTER, and 13 other NSA codenames that prove spies laugh, too

The National Security Agency gets a lot of flack for, you know, violating the entire world's right to privacy and whatnot. But after seeing the codenames the NSA gives its spyware and other snooping tech, we're starting to wonder if we're…

Best Google Chrome themes

Check out our picks for the best Google Chrome themes and skins so you can add some style to one of the fastest browsers out there.

Pirate Bay uploads spike 50 percent, thwarting anti-piracy groups

The Pirate Bay has thwarted domain name seizures in 2013 and enjoyed a 50 percent increase in file uploads over the the last year. The site's resiliency likely means that it will be alive and well deep into the new year, and beyond.

The Mac Pro is even easier to upgrade than we thought

We already knew the Mac Pro's CPU could be replaced, but it turns out that's far from the only piece of hardware a user can repair or upgrade in Apple's new desktop. Read on to learn more.
Product Review

Epson Expression XP-950 Review

Epson Expression XP-950 review.

Movies dominate BitTorrent search in 2013

There's a seemingly endless stream of content available on BitTorrent, but most people remain interested in one of the oldest forms of digital entertainment; video. Read on to learn more.

NPD claims Chromebook sales surge, but where’s the Chrome OS usage beef?

Market research firm NPD reports that Chromebook sales have surged significantly this year. That should mean that Chrome OS usage should also spike as well, right? Well, reports say that that hasn't exactly happened.

Some Surface Pro 2 users say they circumvent sleep, battery issues with this workaround

Are you a Surface Pro 2 owner? Have you been tempted to pull your hair our because your pricey device is being watered down by issues with battery life and sleep mode? Read on to learn about a possible quick fix discovered by some other…

Surface Pro 2 firmware update release date still unknown

After initially implying that a new firmware fix for the Surface Pro 2 would be released sometime after the new year, it's unknown when exactly it'll see the light of day. Read on to learn more.

The NSA can intercept your new laptop, say latest leaks

The latest in a long line of revelations about the NSA's activities suggest that the agency can intercept computer hardware packages in order to install its own customized hardware and software bugs.

Convertible laptop makers temper 2014 prospects

The hope for laptop makers was that the convertible design, which allows you to put a notebook into tablet mode, would revitalize interest in the market. Now they're concerned about what next year holds for them.