Vic Gundotra, head of Google+, abruptly leaves company

Google senior vice president and head of Google+ Vic Gundotra announced the end of his eight-year tenure at Google. Gundotra did not reveal what project he has moved on to, however.

GameStop sees its future in mobile and Apple stores

GameSpot will close between 120 and 130 of its gaming retail locations worldwide, while vastly expanding its presence in the mobile and Apple world, with hundreds of new locations.

Two Apple AirPort base stations were vulnerable to Heartbleed, but have been patched

Some of Cupertino's networking gear was vulnerable to Heartbleed, but a fix has been released by the company. You can learn more here.

Got a spare mSATA SSD lying around? This case from VisionTek will let you put it to use again

VisionTek just launched an external case for mSATA SSDs that's powered by USB 3.0. Learn more about it here.

Mexican govt. backtracks on Internet blocking proposal after public protests

People in Mexico took it to the streets, and it seems that the government will not be passing a law that allows them to block the net in some situations. You can learn more here.

Petition with 106K signatures supporting Pirate Bay’s founder delivered to Danish government

A petition drafted in support of Pirate Bay's founder has been delivered to the Danish government, and addresses his living conditions in prison. You can learn more here.

New FCC proposal threatens to eradicate the open Internet

Striking a blow to proponents of net neutrality and the open Internet, the FCC will soon be voting on a proposal that provides rules around paying Internet providers for preferential speed treatment.

Microsoft’s Bing in the Classroom launches, filters out ads and adult content

Microsoft's ad-free version of Bing takes flight, and is now available for use with all eligible school districts here in the states. You can learn more about Bing in the Classroom here.

43 percent of DDoS hacking attacks in Q4 2013 came from China, Akamai report says

A huge chunk of Denial of Service attacks originated from one country towards the tail end of last year. However, this doesn't come as a huge surprise to us. Learn more here.

Now Google Street View lets you rewind time to the good old days (of 2007)

Google has added time travel to Street View. Well, virtually, that is. You can now look at past images for a particular location, as far back as 2007. The feature is available in the desktop version of Google Maps.

Pirate Bay reaches 10 million torrent upload mark

Like it or not, the Pirate Bay is here to stay, if this figure is any indication. Learn more about the milestone that the infamous torrent site recently hit here.

Financial organizations were hit hard by hackers in 2013, says Verizon report

A report published by Verizon indicates that financial firms were prominently targeted by hackers last year. Learn more here.