Acer unveils the Aspire R7: A twisty, turny Windows 8 hybrid, on sale May 17 for $1000

Acer has announced the Aspire R7, an innovative gadget which is designed to make touchscreen laptops easier and more pleasurable to use.

Google intros Hangouts Remote Desktop, makes family tech support less frustrating

Paging the family tech support specialist! Google just upgraded Google Hangouts to include the ability to remotely control another user's desktop. Instead of a patience-testing phone call, you'll be able to fix Grandma's computer yourself…

Report: April sees increase in Windows 8 and Internet Explorer 10 users

Data gathered by Web tracking site NetMarketShare reveals that not only is Internet Explorer 10 gaining users, but so is Windows 8. The new OS, however, isn't gaining users as fast as Windows 7 did during the same period a few months after…

Apple Store now offers 256GB and 512GB flash storage options for iMacs

Always wanted an flash storage for your iMac? You can get an iMac with the speedy flash drive included directly from Apple by tweaking your computer's configurations at the company's online store when you buy one.
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HP Envy x2 Review

HP Envy x2 Review.
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Aereo’s quasilegal TV streaming is just what we need to slap big media awake

TV networks are throwing a hissy fit over Aereo’s distribution of their programming over the Web. But the legal checkmate they currently face could be the hardship that finally forces them to embrace online distribution.

Intel offers more details about Haswell’s integrated graphics

Intel has revealed more information about integrated graphics in its new Intel Core processors slated for release this summer. Incredible performance gains are promised for desktops and high-end laptops, but Ultrabooks may see more modest…

Adobe shows off Lightroom-like photo editing on iPad 2, foreshadowing what’s to come

Could pro-level photo editing from Adobe be coming soon to a tablet near you? Adobe gives a glimpse of a Lightroom-like prototype running on an iPad during an episode of The Grid, and talks about challenges remaining.

Intel COO Brian Krzanich to replace CEO Paul Otellini

Intel CEO Paul Otellini will step down on May 16, six months after he announced his departure. To take his place is current COO Brian Krzanich who's been with the company for the last 30 years.

iPad use by American Airlines pilots has reduced injuries on the job

American Airlines recently claimed that switching from 40 pound flight bags to lightweight iPads has helped reduce pilot injuries. Carrying around the heavy bags has lead to many pilot injuries over the years.

How to find your IP address

Looking for your IP address? We'll give you some simple steps to help you find your computer's IP address.

Second generation Surface tablets rumored for June launch, may include 7-inch or 8-inch models

According to a new rumor, Microsoft may be preparing its second wave of Surface tablet devices, which could make their debut at the Build conference in June. Linking in with previous reports, the new tablets could have smaller screens to…