Official Steve Jobs biography due in 2012

Publisher Simon & Schuster announced this weekend that it plans to publish the first-ever authorized biography of Apple CEO Steve Jobs, written by Walter Isaacson, in early 2012.

Gaming tops tablet activity, says Google study

A Google AdMob study of tablet usage has found that playing games is more popular than any other activity.

The rumor that won’t die: Google has a mole at Twitter

It's a little outlandish to think Google has a spy infiltrating Twitter, but here's our take on the Google-Twitter fiasco.

DOJ says Google can buy travel software maker ITA

The U.S. Department of Justice says Google can go through with its acquisition of travel software maker ITA...with conditions.

Motorola SocialTV wants to know what you’re watching

Motorola's new SocialTV technology can let phones and tablets know what you're watching on you can tweet about it and get served primo ads.

Intel taking over Kno tablet hardware design?

Reports have Intel and Conde Nast's owner sinking $30 million into Kno...and Intel taking over the dual-screen student tablet's hardware design.

Study finds media addiction prevalent among college students

In an era where many refer to their phones as a "CrackBerry," a new study finds (perhaps not surprisingly) that media addiction runs high among college students.

Best Buy allegedly ‘blacklisted’ by Apple over iPad 2 sales (Update)

Rumor has it that Best Buy and Apple are at odds, which has put the electronics retail giant's sales of the iPad 2 on hold. But who is angry with whom remains a mystery.
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Spring brings splash of color to laptop aisles

Laptop manufacturers now elbow for eyes with bright colors and unique designs as they compete with the growing tablet market, and each other.

Samsung teams with John Legend, donates $1 million worth of tech to schools

Earlier today, Samsung was joined by John Legend to announce the winners of a $1 million contest that will provide needed technology to a number of schools across the country. Our event coverage, pictures, and a bit of video are below.

Facebook gets technical, announces Open Compute Project

Facebook is using its powers for good and opening up its social-centric data servers and centers.

Microsoft and Toyota partner on Azure car services

Microsoft and Toyota are partnering on a global telematics platform for cars...all powered by Microsoft's Azure cloud computing platform.