Engineer gets his 27-year-old Macintosh Plus online

Engineer Jeff Keacher overcomes exploding hardware, out-dated protocols and a lack of Wi-Fi to introduce his ancient Macintosh Plus computer to the Web. Not bad for a machine with a 8MHz CPU inside.

Missed the Bitcoin boat? Here are 6 other cryptocurrencies that might make you rich

With a single Bitcoin running about $900 these days, those of us who never bought in may feel like we've missed out on a great investment. Luckily, there are many other alternative cryptocurrencies that you can take an early adopter gamble…

Apple MacBook Pro 13 with Retina vs HP Spectre 13t

The Spectre 13t is HP's new premium ultrabook, yet it boasts a surprisingly affordable base price of $999, which includes a 128GB solid state drive and 1080p display. Can such an inexpensive laptop fight off Apple's smallest MacBook Pro?

Is a Litecoin mining boom leading to a graphics card shortage?

As Litecoin overtakes BItcoin as the most profitable cryptocurrency to mine on a GPU, it would seem AMD Radeon cards are selling out as a result. Find out more about the Litecoin boom and how it relates to Bitcoin.

Here’s how to set up a Windows login password

Security should be a concern for everyone, not just big data firms and governments. That's why you should consider adding a password to Windows. Here's how to do just that in no time.

SteamOS is now available to download

With prototype Steam Machines making their way to beta testers in the US, Valve has made an early version of its SteamOS software available for anyone to download. If you know your way around Linux, you can give it a whirl.

5 ways the PC industry squirmed deeper into quicksand in 2013

It's no secret that mobile devices are overtaking PCs as the gear of choice for the masses. But this year, there are several reasons in particular why the PC has struggled to maintain its popularity.

Google to banish Display All Images Gmail button

Google has begun to roll out a change to Gmail that, when completed sometime early in 2014, will do away with the mandatory "Display all images" button found in Gmail messages containing attachments.

Yahoo Mail fail: New update claims 97 percent of affected users have email access again

Yahoo Mail has certainly took a beating for the outages its users have had to deal with the past couple of days, but there appears to be some light at the end of the tunnel. Finally.

Eye-Fi announces Windows desktop support for Mobi wireless memory card

Eye-Fi's Mobi SD cards, which have built-in Wi-Fi for wireless transfers to a smartphone or tablet, has added beta support for desktop/laptop computers. The beta will be free to all users.

Pirate Bay escapes to Peru domain, teases forthcoming PirateBrowser

Not only has Pirate Bay switched to a Peruvian domain to evade authorities and keep itself up and running, but a BitTorrent-powered browser is reportedly in the works that would purportedly make Pirate Bay domain seizures obsolete.

Ford board to tackle Mulally Microsoft CEO rumors

It's no secret that Steve Ballmer will be stepping down sometime next year. One exec connected to the future vacancy is Ford's Alan Mulally. However, it appears as if Ford is tired of hearing about the possible union between the two.