How technology could be the killer and savior of the US Postal Service

Can the post office, one of America's greatest institutions, find innovative solutions in what's lead to its demise? Here are some practical and far-fetched ideas that could pump new life intro a struggling enterprise.

Toshiba unveils DX735 all-in-one PC

Loaded with high-definition video support, a TV tuner, high-end audio capabilities and USB 3.0, Toshiba's new DX735 all-in-one PC is the entertainment center of the future.
Product Review

HP Envy 14 Review

HP Envy 14 Review.
Android Army

Google about to launch cloud storage service through Google Docs

Google is preparing to rebrand Google Docs and launch its own cloud storage service.

Ifttt makes your Web apps work so you don’t have to

Ifttt, currently in beta, utilizes puts the Internet to work so you don't miss out on any features your various Web accounts have to offer.

Apple, Dropbox to lobby for greater digital privacy rights

Apple and Dropbox are the latest technology companies to back the Electronic Frontier Foundation's efforts to strengthen laws that protect our digital-centric activities.

NASA makes famous sound bites available for use as ringtones

NASA has released a collection of famous sounds and commentaries that can be used as ringtones or as computer notification noises.

FBI arrests Anonymous and LulzSec suspects

Two men suspected to be involved with the Anonymous and LulzSec collectives have been taken into custody as search warrants continue to be issued.

What, me evil? How Google landed in hot water, and what happens now

Google is accused of favoring its own services over competitors' in search results, but Google says it's just giving users what they want. Can that really violate federal law? And what happens if it does?

HP Names Meg Whitman President and CEO

HP officially announced that Meg Whitman will replace Leo Apotheker as president and CEO.

How to fix HP: A new CEO can’t do it alone

A new captain can’t save a leaky, sinking ship, and a new CEO alone can’t fix HP, either. Rob Enderle examines where HP has gone astray, and how to steer it back in the right direction.

HP expected to approve Meg Whitman as new CEO late Thursday

HP's board of directors is expected to vote former eBay head Meg Whitman in as the company's new CEO at the end of today's trading.