Why Verizon’s proposed deal with cable companies could kill FiOS and cable competition as we know it

Verizon's proposed wireless spectrum purchase may mean it has joined forces with the companies it should be competing against.

HP to combine PC and printer divisions

HP latest CEO Meg Whitman is making moves: the company will be combining its PC and printer groups in a move it hopes will save money and streamline operations.

Western Digital launches 2.5-inch, portable 2TB hard drive

As more consumers look for storage devices to fill with high definition movies and vast quantities of music, Western Digital has updated the My Passport line with a 2TB hard drive.
Product Review

Maingear Shift Super Stock X79 Review

Maingear Shift Super Stock X79 Review.

Move over, Nokia: Dell has Windows 8 tablet plans, too

Dell plans to reenter the tablet space with Windows 8, but can it beat out heavyweight competitors like Nokia by focusing on a niche?

Microsoft targeting October 2012 for Windows 8 launch

With Apple's massive success with the launch of the new iPad, Microsoft is pushing toward the launch of Windows 8 and looks to bring the Metro-style OS to tablets before the end of the year.

The Pirate Bay will let you download Call of Duty from space

Work smarter, not harder: Pirate Bay decides to bypass the numerous legal battles associated with housing its servers, and boldly goes where few torrent sites have gone before.

NetZero offers free 4G mobile broadband via Clearwire

NetZero has partnered with Clearwire to offer a free 4G mobile broadband plan...with the purchase of a 4G hotspot or USB stick.

iPad 4G LTE showdown: AT&T vs Verizon

We compare the 4G LTE data plans available for the new iPad on both AT&T and Verizon.

Google being probed by US, EU regulators over Safari privacy gaffe

US and European regulators have launched investigations into Google's bypassing of Safari privacy settings to get "+1" buttons in to ads.

SourceForge drops Anonymous-OS, developer still insists it’s safe

The controversial Anonymous-OS software is no longer available for download via SourceForge, following recent reports of security concerns.