Google Chrome browser gains speech, speed, more revenue for developers

Google showed off Chrome's speed, speech, and store in today's Google I/O keynote, including a deal that will give app developers 95 percent of the revenue from their creations.

First Google Chromebooks coming June 15 from Samsung and Acer

At Google I/O today, Sundar Pichai, the head of Chrome, unveiled pricing and details for its first two Chromebook laptops. They hit online shelves on June 15.

Ford looks to improve car efficiency with Google Prediction API

Think Google already knows enough about you? Ford wants to use Google tech to analyze your driving habits to improve vehicle fuel economy.

New Internet censorship bill empowers US government, copyright holders

A new bill that is yet to be introduced to the US Congress would, if passed, give both the Justice Department and private copyright holders the ability to cripple websites they can prove is "dedicated to infringing activities."

Visa to launch digital wallet this fall

Visa is planning to launch its own digital wallet this call with "click-to-buy," NFC mobile payment systems, and - of course - special offers from merchants.

Lenovo ThinkPad X1 coming May 17

Lenovo's super-thin ThinkPad X1 notebook - with military ruggedness, Gorilla Glass screen, spill-resistant keyboard - should be available May 17

Google ‘student package’ to offer Chrome laptops for $20 per month

An senior unnamed source at Google reveals plans to make a Chrome OS-powered notebook available to students under a $20 per month payment plan.

Google sets aside $500m for ad probe

Google has set aside a hefty $500 million for a payment it might have to make in response to an investigation by the US Justice Department regarding its online advertising system.

Facebook applications security flaw fixed

A security flaw in Facebook that allowed third parties such as advertisers to access user accounts has been fixed.

AOL’s AV for AIM video chat service leaks

AOL's internal testing round for its new video chat service is now open to all, and it seems promising.

How will Google Music fare without label support?

Google may have beat Apple in the cloud-based music service race, but does that mean it's introducing a product that isn't quite ready?
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Google announces Honeycomb 3.1, Music beta at I/O conference

And we're off: Google has announced a slew of Android upgrades and products on their way - include Google Music beta and Honeycomb 3.1.