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Great deals: $50 off any tablet or computer at Staples

Staples has posted a $50 off coupon that's usable to purchase any tablet, laptop computer, or desktop computer at a physical Staples store. The problem: it's only valid through Saturday.

Google News badges introduced for news junkies

Google has introduced a new feature called Google News badges to enable news junkies to get even more out of their news reading experience.

Pentagon: 24,000 military files stolen in cyberattack

The Pentagon announced on Thursday that a cyberattack which took place in March resulted in 24,000 military files being stolen.

Spotify has launched: here’s how to get an account right now

Spotify is now available in the U.S., but it's invite only. Want in right now? We know a way to get a free account immediately.

Google+ is ‘really about’ the cloud, not social networking

Google+ isn't about traditional social networking, says Plus user Vincent Wong. It's about something entirely new.

Apple jumps to No. 3 PC retailer in US

A surge in sales has pushed Apple to become the third largest PC vendor in the United States. But overall, the PC market continues to struggle.

Sony executive describes PSN security breach as “a great experience”

Speaking at a conference in San Francisco about April's security breach, Sony executive Tim Schaaff described it as "a great experience."

Federal case will decide if the government can make you decrypt your laptop

A woman accused of mortgage fraud has appealed the court's request to decrypt her laptop, and the decision will set a new precedent for computer security.

Google Maps sends users to driveway instead of state park

A woman in New Jersey said an error with Google Maps has resulted in numerous drivers coming up her driveway thinking they've entered a state park.

AMD claims Radeon HD 6990M offers world’s fastest notebook graphics

AMD says its new Radeon HD 6990M GPU is the world's fastest mobile graphics processors...and that's a direct snub at Nvidia's GeForce GTX 580M.

Cisco preparing for massive layoffs?

Networking giant Cisco is expected to cut thousands of jobs as the company tries to slash its operating expenses by more than $1 billion.

Microsoft begs users to leave Windows XP – gives them until 2014 to do it

After a decade, Microsoft is finally ending support for Windows XP, but not for another three years.