Japanese memory maker Elpida files for bankruptcy

It's the biggest bankruptcy filing from any Japanese manufacturer, memory maker Elpida has file for bankruptcy protection with over $5.5 billion in debt.

Intel’s Ivy Bridge CPUs won’t land until June

An Intel executive has acknowledged that next-generation "Ivy Bridge" processors are running 8-10 weeks late, and likely won't land until June.

Report: Microsoft might rein in Windows 8 editions?

Documents briefly posted on HP's Web site indicate Microsoft might offer fewer versions of Windows 8 for sale than it has with Windows 7.

Google Chrome will adopt Do Not Track

Google has reversed its position on "Do Not Track," committing to putting the technology front and center in its Chrome browser. But Web users everywhere still need to be wary.

Five important features Microsoft should add to Windows 8

The Windows 8 Consumer Preview will be released in a week. Here are five of the most important features we hope Microsoft will add to its new operating system.
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OnLive Desktop Plus impressions: A Windows 7 desktop on your iPad, now with a browser

OnLive has announced OnLive Desktop Plus, which offers access to a browser on a remote Windows 7 desktop. We sit down with CEO Steve Perlman for a demo and to chat about the future of the service.

Can the government force you to decrypt private data?

A Colorado judge has ordered a suspect to decrypt information stored on a shared family computer, and an appeals court has refused to get involved. What does this mean for the Fifth Amendment?
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HP Folio 13 Review

HP Folio 13 Review.
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Lenovo ThinkPad T420s Review

Lenovo ThinkPad T420s Review.

Scientists create working transistor from a single atom

Researchers from the University of New South Wales, Purdue University and the University of Melbourne have achieved a breakthrough in computing by creating a working one-atom transistor, beating Moore's Law's prediction by eight years.

Microsoft rolls out a dramatically different logo for Windows 8

While Microsoft developers continue to work endlessly on the upcoming revision of the Windows operating system, Microsoft has unveiled a new logo for the future release of Windows 8

Weekly Rewind: Rumors hit of a 4G iPad, Apple announces Mountain Lion, and Hulu Plus finally comes to the Wii

This week we heard plenty of new rumors about the upcoming iPad 3, saw Hulu Plus finally become available to Nintendo Wii owners, and discovered that Apple plans to release a new operating system this summer.