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One man’s quest to reclaim his data – by selling it to anyone who wants it

We are quickly losing the ability to control what online data is being sold off, so why shouldn't we at least get a slice of the profits? Federico Zannier wants to disrupt the current state of the data brokerage industry by selling off his…

‘BRCK’ is a backup Internet generator for when the power goes out

A new device, BRCK, serves as a backup Internet connection when power fails or the local provider's signal fizzles out. As long as the Kickstarter goal is met, it should hit the market this upcoming fall.

Tablet sales on the rise, to surpass PCs by end of year

Analyst Sameer Singh is forecasting bad news for PCs, and expects tablet devices to overtake them in sales sometime in the next few months. By the end of 2013, tablets may be more popular than their PC counterparts.

Next stop on the Google Fiber train is Grandview, Missouri

Google just announced it will be expanding its gigabit Internet to Grandview, Missouri, after its Board of Aldermen said "Yes" to bringing the fastest Internet speeds in the U.S. to its residents.

Chromium code suggests OS X version of Google Now is coming

If you like Google Now and own an Apple computer, you'll love this new discovery found in hidden codes by a Chromium expert. The codes suggest implementing rich notifications on OS X, indicating the impending arrival of Google Now for Mac.

Rumor: Google Maps ditching the sidebar, getting a new look at Google I/O

Leaked screenshots of the updated Google Maps suggests that the classic sidebar will be giving way to cards and a full-screen map. Google Maps may also integrate with your Google+ network for recommendations.

Will a spotless inbox really supercharge your productivity?

Inbox Zero forces you to deal with every email immediately in the quest for peace of mind and productivity. But does it work? I put it to use to find out.

Acer executive tips the W3 Windows 8 tablet for launch on June 4

An Acer executive has tipped the Acer W3 Windows 8 tablet for launch on June 4. Recently leaked through Amazon, the W3 is set to be one of the first, small Windows 8 tablets, and could cost just $380.

OpenStreetMap and MapBox launch ‘iD’ editor community mapping tool

OpenStreetMap is trying to beat Google at its own game using a combination of satellite data and a community of cartographers. Today, OSM and MapBox released a new map editor called iD that allows aspiring cartographers to edit…

Adobe enters hardware space with Project Mighty stylus and Project Napoleon ruler

During Adobe's MAX conference in Los Angeles, the company announced two new hardware endeavors called Project Mighty and Project Napoleon that are designed to work with Adobe's touch and tablet apps.

Six months later: Microsoft sells 100 million Windows 8 licenses, keeps pace with Windows 7

It's been six months since launch, so it's time for an update from Microsoft's chief marketing and financial officer Tami Reller. The number of Windows 8 licenses sold is already on par with Windows 7, and the Windows Store is now more than…

Microsoft talks Windows Blue: expect preview by June, pricing still to come [Update]

Microsoft's Chief Marketing and Financial Officer Tami Reller reveals that the upcoming update to Windows 8 won't be free, will be geared for both Windows 8 and RT, and will be optimized for mini slates.