Coming soon to a car near you: Facebook status via OnStar

Facebook status updates, newsfeeds, and possibly even the speed-trap app Trapster will be coming soon to OnStar.

YouTube launches Vacationer travel channel

Want to brag about the last vacation? Show off where you are going next? Tell everyone about that hidden getaway you discovered? YouTube Vacationer caters to globetrotters by providing an outlet for all of it.

Google Instant offers predictive searches as you type

Google Instant offers interact search results as people type - not by searching for what they've typed so far, but by searching for what Google believes they might be typing.

Study: Cybercrime hits two-thirds Internet users

The 2011 Norton Cybercrime Report from Symantec shows US Internet users are particularly vulnerable to online threats, and the victims are angry and helpless about computer viruses, online credit card fraud, and identity theft.

Amazon buys indie music site Amie Street has purchased independent music site Amie Street, with an eye towards launching its own social music service: Songza.

HP sues Oracle for hiring former CEO Mark Hurd

The corporate fireworks are going off: Hewlett-Packard is suing Oracle for hiring its former CEO Mark Hurd as co-president.
Android Army

HP C510 printer has removable, Android-powered tablet

HP's PhotoSmart eStation C510 printer will feature an Android-powered tablet that can be used for a number of things. But what does it have to do with the printer?

Former HP CEO Mark Hurd now Oracle co-president

The rumors were true: former HP CEO Mark Hurd is now co-President of Oracle, replacing Charles Phillips as co-President and member of Oracle's board.

Google Proposes $8.5 Mln Buzz Lawsuit Settlement

Google has proposed paying $8.5 million to settle a lawsuit over privacy violations when it launched its Buzz social network.

Former HP CEO Mark Hurd Going to Oracle?

Reports have disgraced former HP CEO Mark Hurd in talks about a senior position at database giant Oracle.

Craigslist Drops Adult Listings Amid Legal Fears

Craigslist has removed it's adult service listings from the site after being a target of the U.S. state attorney general.

Could the Apple TV be a Hint of More Ambitious Plans to Come?

Analysts are speculating that the Apple TV could be Apple's response to Google TV if things go as planned.